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Hi everyone, this is a personal question. I just wondered if any of you seem to have trouble with your periods? Mine have always been erratic to say the least, but in the last year I have had two at the most. I seem to have a period and then not have one for about 4-5 months. I know it's not normal. I'm 31 so don't think it could be the menopause, however I get hot, really hot, like all the doors and windows need to be open and I sit there in a vest just to get cool and then I can get really cold. Like soooo cold, I'm wrapped up so much. I'm not sure if it's the fibro, the meds I'm on or what. I just wanted to see if any of my fibro friends here are experiencing the same thing? Thanks

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  • Hi, You are not alone in this!!! I am 32 and have suffered very heavy and painful periods. When i was about 16/17 i tried all different kinds of tablets from the doc but nothing help and then at 17 i went onto the pill which really made a big difference and i was open and up front with my mum about it all. This was the only option i has left as i was getting a period 2weeks every month and just couldnt cope. I havent had a period now for about 3 years due to the mini pill that i am on as there is a % of women that it can stop completely.

    I am like you with the hot sweats all off a sudden it happens especially in the morning and did think it was the menopase but like you thought id be too early and have put it down to the fibro as i get burning sensations with it any way. I also have put it down to having a too warm shower but then it has happened and i havent even had a shower and its happened while i was a t work and nearly had to strip off!!!!!!

    Sorry about all the detail and the long reply. If you do happen to speak to your doc about it please let me know what he/she says.

    Take Care

    Jo xx

  • Thanks Jojo for replying, I think the best option is to see the doctor about it. I used the pill myself and had the thing where they put a needle in the very top of your thigh, and you didn't have any then, that was great. Things really changed for me after having my kids really. But thanks for your reply, will let you know what she says. xxxx

  • its norm in my family to have heavy irrigular periods mine used to be awful, hence yrs of infertility, but now at the grand old age of 55 theyre regular and not heavy. in your case Id see a gp for some blood test, being menpausal can happen at any age, I knew someone who was only in her 20s

  • Thanks for replying to my question lally. I'm going to see my gp next week about it now, after seeing both the replies, I think that's the best option. I honestly didn't realise that about the menopause. It's probably that, I have everything else lols. xxx

  • I just out it down to fibro as i didnt really want to think that it could be early menopause as i havent had any children and didnt want to think that my chances where gone!!!!! But the way that my fibro has been that last few months i think my chances are gone anyway as i couldnt imagine having to run around after a toddler when theres days i can hardly walk!!!!

    Good luck with the doc and lets hope it not it.


  • it could be your aneamic, but theyll find out, are you taking anything herbal

  • hi lally, no they have tested me for that many many times over the last few months. They struggle to get blood out of me now lol. I have a vitamin K deficiency, but I don't think that would cause this. I have a brilliant doctor and she has helped me so much, I know it won't be too much trouble to go and see her. It could just be something simple. but will keep you informed. Hugs and love xxxx

  • Hello Babebatista, it can get confusing because some of the symptoms of the menopause can also be present with Fibromyalgia. Temperature sensitivity is a classic symptom of both. Feeling hot one minute then cold the next. I went through the menopause very easily thankfully in my 40s, I've been over it almost 4 years now and I still get hot and cold spells because of my Fibro.

    As the advice already says on this thread, best to check with your GP and see how they can help you. You could be Perimenopausal which means you're showing signs of being menopausal but not actually 'going through the change' yet. Best of luck to you, please let us know how you get along. :) :)

  • hi as much as i have had heavy horrid peiods you musy get them checked out by the Gp it may not be conected you may need other tests ..please go soon gentle dyslexic hugs

  • ahhh thank you very much all of you lovely people. I will make an apt on Monday to see my gp and find out what's happening. Thank you so much for your support, it means so much. xxxxx

  • I finished the menopause at 40, my periods had been erratic for years also hot flushes from a similar age to you. What is called the perimenopause ( the time before full menopause) can go on for quite some years, might be an idea to get this checked out. Probably a long shot cut it can't hurt. best wishes Caz!

  • I went through the menopause at age 35, so it can happen quite young. As everyone says get it checked out. x

  • Hiya,

    Im 28 and am experiencing hot flushes and many of the symptoms you've described. I have not had a period in 1 year! I've had poly cystic ovaries for about 5 years now and have been trying for a baby for 6 years. Feeling quite pessimistic though.

    Soft hugs x

  • Hira, don't feel down about this, believe it or not, it's not the end of the world when you can't have a baby, but I know it feels like it at the moment. There are other ways to go. You can try fertility treatment, although it didn't help me, or you can adopt. At your age now, you should be able to apply to adopt a baby, but it is a very long waiting list, which is not a bad thing when you think about it, but if you do decide to go down that road don't leave it too long...I think 30 is the cut off age for women (ridiculous!).

    Anyway, the main reason to stop worrying is that the worry itself could well be the thing that is stopping you from conceiving. I have many friends who thought they couldn't have a baby, gave up on the idea and Bingo - Pregnant!!

    I wish you all the luck in the world and will keep my fingers crossed for you...but above all, don't give up hope of ever having children...I have two wonderful (grown up now) adopted children and I had the privilege of choosing the ones I wanted!!!!

  • Hi, sorry, bit late reading this!! Anyway, I'm now 48 and started my periods when I was 10. in all these years my periods were all over the place. I either didn't have one for months on end or at the other extreme had one that lasted 5 months!!!!

    I have also had 7 miscarriages that I know about and possibly others that I haven't been aware of and were passed off as heavy periods. I have tow adopted children as I obviously couldn't carry full term.

    It's only been in about the past two years or so that I suddenly started to have regular, monthly cycle, and now I'm told I'm probably approaching menopause!!

    Can't say I'll be sorry to leave all that behind tho :)

  • thank you Jane for replying, I am booking a telephone consultation with my doctor next week, as I have recently learned that eye problems I have had for years could also be connected and I need my meds changing. My pain medication is not helping me any at all. I've so far had to change my meds at least 4 times, so hopefully will get that sorted then, Thank you again for answering my question. xxx

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