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WATER WATER EVERY WHERE and not a drop to drink

As if it is not bad enough outside - this morning I seem to be suffering from tears that are not asked for nor warrented that just keep pouring down my face. I think of something and they just pour what a wet I hear you cry - snivel snivel - I look like I just lost the world- ugh I hate this I am not a self pity kinda person- so this is now making me cross - still they fall soon I will have to try an explain why I am apparently crying - but I am not ! Not pretty need mirth and humor not kindness it seems to make me worse - no control.

Okay that is enough of that sorry xgins

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It's the pollen count!

Or you could be mysterious and say you are crying with laughter at a very funny joke that is much too rude to repeat.

Or just pack a large towel to dry up the torrent.

What ever you decide have a good day xx


I lov it lets go for the very funny joke which is much too rude - I already have the towel x gins


Just your body looking for a stress release I get it from time to time go with the flow as they say but I do like the joke get out clause chin up have a good day


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