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broken bones

hi all, On Saturday i had to do a bit of shopping as my husband was at work so being me i went alone for the first time since i fell at home and cracked my ribs. and low and behold i fell on the crossing and have now broken my wrist so am not going out with out anyone from now on just means that when everyone is at work i can't get out i can slowly feel my life closing in on me

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So sorry to hear that sylp, what about finding something creative that you could do at home and sell on ebay, then hopefully you will just feel like you are at work but at home like the rest of them, I am seriously thinking off doing something like this and at least at home no one can't get annoyed with you as you can go your own pace smile and hugs xx


OMG, that sounds awful! As if it isn't bad enough having fibro! I think Tess' idea about finding something creative to do at home is a very good one! I should do that too.

In the last 3 years I have lost my career and have felt my world get smaller and smaller too. Thank god for websites like this and for facebook which are my life-lines.

Hope you are feeling as well as can be expected under the circumstances.

Christine x


Sylp hun I agree with both answers above,but please don`t consider stuffing envelopes.I did this once and what a rip off it was.

I believe we all have a talent for something,find yours and go with that.

Thinking of you.

Hugs Butterfly54 xxxxx


Sorry to hear that Sylp, it's obvious none of us are too able at all, sad to say, hope you recover well and soon, gentle hugs and love Claire xxx


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