Morning has broken!

Well 04:15 and time to give up on getting any sleep atall tonight so time to put the kettle on, anyone else up and want one?

Lots of birds day has already started with a fabulous dawn chorus well underway and its light outside but nippy from lack of sunlight yet. I actually like pre dawn and the moment of it and feel ok, but the knowledge of pay back later lurks. Something is snuffling and snoring under the duvet next to me so the wife's ok! No noise from son next door. I was getting worried as he is a teenager at 14 but waking and getting up at seven on the dot without fail including weekends. But all is well he now has taken to sleeping until miday at the weekend which makes my mornings without one hundred DADS! By lunch which is endearing if some what tiring it's a high quality pain!

Hope everyone has a low pain day and remembers to pace their day and then wonder why they feel so rough tomorrow!

Bright Blessings of love and hapiness to each and everyone of you.

Patrick x

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  • Yes please,earl grey,no sugar.



  • No problem Crusee! Love Earl Grey too and lady Grey. Mine is mint tea, no milk or sugar, supposed to help with movements but I've grown to love it and drink it by the pint hot, warm or cold! I even made some of my own last year, really simple and tasted great!

    Patrick x

  • Not too keen on the lady grey for some reason.

    Mmmm mint tea sounds nice,haven't had that for some time time.May give it a go soon.

    Trouble is all this tea slurping in the night makes for more trips to the bathroom which doesn't help the sleep ethic.

    Oh dear if it's not one thing it's another !!

    Hope you can manage to catch up with the lost Zzzzzzz's



  • ZZzzzzss!! No one mentioned Zombies before😳 Lol yes trips to the bathroom is the downside, but I have a bladder the size of a large horse! Probably from many years drinking too much beer! Haven't touched a drop for nearly ten years as the Doc said I had consumed more than my fair share for several lifetimes! But I still have a little beer belly from all the pints of mint tea I drink!

    Hopefully have an afternoon nap, but then that feeds the cycle of not sleeping at night. As you say if it's not one thing it's another!

    Hope you enjoy your cuppa 😊

    Patrick x

  • Now if I had read your post it would have saved me getting up yet again to put the kettle on for a restorative cuppa. Hope to have a biccy with mine but OH must have snaffled the lot he can't let an opened packet of biscuits go uneaten.

    Yes I love to hear the morning chorus. I could do without the wood pigeons though they kick u o such a racket they nearly drown the other bird song out.x

  • My bug bear is seagulls, they make such a racket, don't know what's happened but we seem to have a load of them this year, last year it was the odd one or two flying over, i can hear pigeons cooing they are quite gentle coo's. Birds seem to be avoiding me this morning, we have 5 feeders and I put 2 coconuts out last night, been sitting with doors open since 4 and only seen 2 come for a feed, oh well husb will get the pleasure once I've left for work.

  • White no sugar please.

    Its 7.25 am and I am getting up for my first day at my new job !

    It only 6 hours ,but it's something to keep my mind busy.

    Have a nice day.

    Jane xxπŸ˜„

  • Oh tons of good luck and a gentle hug for your new job Jane. Let us know how you get on!

    Patrick πŸ€πŸ‘

  • Thanks Patrick. Today went very well.

    Jane xπŸ‘

  • Hi Jane, big step today what is it you will be doing if it's not too personal question. Did you tell them about your fibro? Bet you were glad to get home even if it was a good day πŸ˜€

    Patrick X

    Ps well done!

  • Nocturnal bathroom visits are the bane of my life , i can't be the only one that does the " If i keep one eye closed i'm not actually awake " thing :P

  • I do the one eye thing too, it really freaks my wife out! 😜😜😜

  • Me too, and sometimes dose off on the loo, being woke up when I fall forward, off the loo, onto the bathroom mat.......nice! 😀

  • Ohh! I've not had the pleasure of that one..... Yet! Lol it really strips you of dignity sometimes this illness! I get shouted at as I read whilst on the throne and suffer from bad constipation, probably from the morphine, as my partner and son wonder if I've died on the loo!

    Patrick xxx

  • Hartleyhare2 I know I shouldn't! πŸ˜‚

  • If I can make you laugh for a minute Esined that has made my day even if it is at my expense and we didn't get to the ring marks left on my bum! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Patrick x

  • Or even slightly stuck on as well! !

  • Sorry to hear you had one of those nights.

    I love the pre dawn too. I love it when you hear a lone bird, then another joins in, and after a few minutes the bird noise is so loud you think it would wake the dead! It's not the same in a city. I miss that at times. Still happens, just not in such a dramatic way 🐸

  • Lemon and ginger tea for me please, my favourite. I also love the predawn especially in May when the birds seem at their busiest. It starts with one ( I think robins are the earliest cherpers) then they all start. Lovely and very uplifting. One night last week when I couldn't sleep I was looking for some soothing sounds on YouTube I usually like to listen to sea sounds or rain sounds when I came across a birdsong in a forest recording, fab and funny enough it did sooth me off to sleep. Hope you have the best day possible, take care , Kath

  • Hi Kath, mmm ginger sounds good have to get some in! I'm lucky enough to live next to a nature reserve so it's a bit of a handover here. The Owls are hooting all night long at this time of year, they stop at about three then at four a lone voice tweaks out and is soon joined by many, many others for a wonderful dawn chorus like today. Not a chirp out there now, it's cold very windy and heavy rain predicted I think they have found places to keep safe until it passes.

    Patrick x

  • I am up 2:00 4:00 all the time. I sleep most of the day. I have no zing left. I feel for you girl

  • Thank you for such a sweet msg.If you are this kind all the time...your wife is a lucky woman.I also love the time of morning you speak of.Have a good day. Peck🐀

  • Hi Peck, your making me blush! I have my up and down moments but try to to practice mindfulness, keeping things here and now, concentrating on the task in hand and never letting resentments build up. Either do something about it or just let it go, it's very empowering and tons on line about it.

    When my wife tells me she loves me I always reply with a big sigh and say I know, your blessed. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ when all she wants is for me to say it back, after fifteen years it still grates her! Lol

    Hope you've had a gentle low pain day.

    Patrick πŸ˜€

  • coffee and a bib please :P

    My wildlife trust does a morning chorus event. About 5 am on a Sunday. Our standard strap line is "please use public transport". Sadly they haven't cottoned on to

    1 no buses to the reserve or anywhere near

    2 no buses anything like that time of morning on a Sunday

  • I remember getting by disabled persons bus pass for Hampshire at the

    same time as my Blue Badge for the car. However, within two weeks of getting it the local council cancelled all the bus routes in the town. I was horrified as this was going to be my lifeline to the shops, Drs and Frimley hospital, the bus stop being 100 metres from my front door directly to the hospital entrance. I don't know what's going on but there is some sort of hit and miss temporary service while those in power decide what to do. It even stops st Fleet Railway Station for commuters.

    Fortunately the nature reserve is still just outside my front door!


  • Fleet Pond? Well Jel

  • Nope but that was where I grew up in Wellington Avenue which is a no through road down to the pond. If you wanted to meet up I could tell you a hundred stories about they antics we got up to, the history of it, skating on it and believe it or not wading accross it! My parents still live that end of Fleet downsized to a property in Wood Lane two hundred meters from my Grandparents house where he was born at home!

    I now live the other side of Fleet which is technically Church Crookham, the estate is called Zebon Copse and I think the Nature Reserve has the same name and is managed by Basingstoke Canal Authority as the swing bridge accross the canal is two hundred meters further on and makes a smashing walk towards Odiham via Tundry pond which is a walk in itself but in the grounds of an hotel now,

    Where do you live because there are lovely walks at Frensham Pond, Waverly disused Abbey fantastic feel to the place still. Then the other way is Virginia Waters and on down to walks in Windsor itself.

    Best wishes


  • I'm in Winchester. yes i must come up that way again. I've cycled the Basingstoke canal from Greywell to the Wey. I gather the Abbey is the Waverley that Sir Walter Scott wrote about.

    I'm told the Bishop of Winchester used to get fish fresh from Fleet Pond. I don't know if that was when in Winchester or Farnham. It's 34 miles to Winchester and without refrigeration . . .

  • No it was from a small monestry in Fleet which was on present day Velmead Road who's purpose was to farm fish specifically to be sent to Winchester! I have met the man who's garden the monestry building would have been in but there is nothing to show. He is a retired archaeologist and things it would have been a small affair, perhaps with breeding tanks/ponds as it a mile from the pond. He was a very nice man especially as I had just knocked on his door he showed me his collection from around the world two stick in my mind. One a stone that had been split in half so quickly that one side was glass and water from vapour was trapped inside it. The other was a piece of Ivory, not that I agree with Ivory, but this was very old. It was hand crafted balls like lace, one inside eachother that turned completely independently inside the next about six in all, totally amazing.

    Waverly Abbey I believe was the first Nastertian building in England and went on to found a dozen Abbeys throughout the country.

    The canal at Greywell has a natural spring in the tunnel and the water crystal clear. The collapsed tunnel is also home to some of Europes rarest bats!

    Sorry to go on but this stuff really intrests me and my 14 year old son!


  • me too. A mate of mine volunteers for the Canal and I'm in the Hampshire Bat Group, and 2 archaeological groups. I was at Old Basing recently around which the canal went.

  • ps. Cistercian

  • Hi my friend, I am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I sincerely hope that you manage a much better sleep tonight! Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken, I finally crashed about 1am this morning in a sitting up position clashing my tablet to my chest which my wife send I wouldn't part with like a child with his favourite cuddly toy! Feeling like I have a hang over but I slept a whole six solid hours! Yippee! 😊😊😊

    Hope today is as good as it possibly can be for you Ken


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