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g.p problem?

as you all know i lost my appeal the other day to go into support group from wrag group.way back a year ago when i went to the lady g.p i was under 8 years she was really rude and unkind to me saying i could do something work wise( even though i know i can't) she was really awful and said not to appeal and she would not support me a s atos knew what they were doing etc... i haven't been to her since but have been going to a younger g.p at same practice for the last year i developed something called pudendal nerve entrapment,i more or less diagnosed the possiblility myself,the only nhs specialist was in manchester after two visits asking new g.p to refer me there he decided he would ,and it was diagnosed i had this problem,but i have never really had the time to talk to him about my fibro and spondylosis in my spine,my partner thinks we should go down and explain everything to him,but i am periodically at a pain clinic already for that,but my partner says we should go down and explain all the probs fibro brings,the thing is as i was under the other g.p for 8 years will he not discuss the fibro issues with her and her to tell him ,oh she needs to get over herself type approach ,or that i am dwelling on the pain instead of getting on with life type thing,they are bound to talk aren't they?my partner things we should though in case in the future i need a sick letter type thingf from him, what i really would like todo is leave the practice altogether but the new g.p has helped with the other health issue,oh i am so confused any ideas?....

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Right well here's the thing he aka your new g.p cannot discuss anything with anyone without your permission, he will be breaking client cofidentialtiy, as for your previous doc I

Would complain I had the same thing with my g.p but I was a little but more abrupt than you and told him straight that he's supposed to support me and help me gain some kind of control (if that's even possible) over the pain! Anyway he wasn't prepared to help thought it was all in my head blah blah, so I went to a different doc and thankfully the new one understood and helps me in which ever way she can. Hope you get it sorted :D


cheers abu 1985,i had visions of my new g.p asking advice from old g.p over coffee in the staff room , and the old g.p claiming it was all in my head,as she told me to get over it ,i could work as she now has two other fibro patients and they can both work, she didn't tale into account that i also have spondylosis and myo fascial pain ,again all in my head ,although i have specialist pain clinic reports on that!!,so i may have to go down that path, am going to see if i canget in touch also with a welfare rights person to see if they will see me and go through things with them,i really don't think the dwp or tribunal read ,or take any notice of medical reports it is as though the atos report is above all others, xx


I would book a double appointment with the helpful GP and go with your hubby to see him.

Get everything written down before hand, look over it several times to make sure you have got everything written down .... a kind of medical CV.

You can read out what you have written or even hand it over to him. Perhaps you could send it in a letter before your appointment so that he knows what you want to discuss and might already have some answers for you - but take a copy just in case he hasn't had chance to do anything with it!

Good luck

Julie xx


thanks julieevh, i am really struggling today keeping the suicidal thoughts at bay,i have just realised that sept 1st if my contribution esa runs out and i have to go onto income based ,i cant claim it as mypartner is working and has capital more than your allowed .i have a bit of money but it won't last forever god what a b*****y mess i am in....


firstly id make a complaint about that doctor to your practice and make it clear you dont want too but neither did you deserve this treatment either.

then id think seriously about changing g.p.

we are in same boat sort of we moved quite a distance away and coz our doctor is good abt fybro we feel we should stay yet hes not clued up m.e.

but if we change are we gonna get a good enough doctor round here?chin up and keep smiling always here x


They cant all be b******s so give it a try. I eventually found one who would at least try and treat me! Stay calm and give it your best shot but be sure of what you expect from new GP and take it from there.

Warm thoughts NN :)


it has been a year since i saw the lady g.p who was nasty,so i don't know if itis too late to complain or not,my partner thinks we should forget about her and concentrate on sorting out writing to and seeing our local m.p ,we are also going to write to several etc,also may pursue going to upper tribunal if we can find a problem with how the law was applied ,written and asked for a record of proceedings and a statement or reasons,so waiting for that,only posted letter yesterday. maybe speak to the new gp with partner in tow ,i don't think he wants to come and hold my hand so to speak ,but i need support,today on dwp website(i printed it off) and at the appeal the judge only asked me the top questions that relay to 15 points, but in the different groups there are several questions and looking at it today there are ones for me in there that could gain me points but they weren't asked to me ,so maybe that could be disputed as a point of law but we can't pursue the upper tribunal unless it is a point of law,also when i first got paperwork to say i was in wrag group,not support group ,i rang and rang so i could get through the post a breakdown of points so i could question it,i even wrote once(but unfortunatley i can't find the photocopy of the letter ,however i do have a list of people i spoke to ,names and dates) so we will have to see i couldn't seem to get a simple answer to a simple question,which was "can i request a breakdown of how the points were gained and where i was failed on the points?",my head is buzzing like a swarm of bees with it all

i now found out that the contributionary esa is only for a year then it stops and apparently you go on to income based esa,( i haven't had any letter from dwp to tell me this) mine runs out beginning of sept ,so i won't have any money because my partner works and has money,when i was well enough to work ,i worked my a** off and paid my contributions but now can't have them cheers mr.cameron)

so if you know of any boats going i am up the creek without a paddle,

sorry for the rant,love your name,it sounds part scandanavian part red indian! better calm down or i am going to humanly combust and i can''t get to 10 downing st in time to do it as my partner would have to drive me and he is at work today!! hugs xx


Like that - if you have to spontanously combust do it on the steps of 10 Downing Street - what a mess we could all make of the shiney paintwork!

If I was PM I'd have the door repainted, yellow would be a good colour - cheer up all those Andrew Marr news reports.

Good luck with all this stuff you are doing xx


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