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I read the Mailonline, yesterday & found an article from a GP, who had fibromyalgia, I say had, because she found that cutting Oxalates from her diet made the pain go away!!! If you can find the article it quotes a web address to look up, but if you google 'Oxalates' it comes up anyway. She changed her diet for 3 weeks & then the pain went. It's worth a try so am starting today! Will report back each week with an update...

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Bang goes my favourite Rhubarb crumble then!

Cheers, Midori


Interesting - but the very things that we have been told to eat for a healthy diet are on this list!

Me confused :-( Be interested to hear how you get on liquorice - good luck.

Julie xx


Thank you for your comments. I will report on how I get on. X


Go for it what have you got to loose !!! I discussed this at the RFU clinic last week and Dr says OK but need a multivitamin/ fish oil to balance things out.

After 3 weeks following this plan I am not so tired. I had reached the stage where I felt like I was going to fall asleep at the wheel. I'm not so sure yet about the pain as I have been looking after my mum who is sick so would be unfair to comment.

Since surgery to my esophagus 5yrs ago so much fruit and veg was having an adverse effect on my body and I wonder if I was not getting enough from the healthy food.AND weight gain so far.!!! jude


Started full day yesterday, and I worked hard all weekend cleaning the house, etc. as it is 3 weeks to my son's wedding and we have friends staying with us. I went to take my medication this morning and found that Sunday night's meds were still there - must have forgotten or didn't take any Saturday night? No memory but that's not unusual.

Went to my weekly keep fit class this morning and hadn't been for 2 weeks (away one week & fell over the next), so managed to keep up ok, couldn't do the sit ups though. Back home working with no extra pain, so - so far so good. My keep fit instructor is going to look into the "diet" too and ask some people she knows. Will report back on that next week (no bank holiday for our fitness!) x


I read the article a couple of weeks back but noticed that the doctor in question was self-diagnosed. I wonder how she would have reacted to a patient who told her that they had self-diagnosed a condition and had decided to treat themselves?

I'm really not sure how she could possibly manage to carry out many of the pressure tests on herself that would help to confirm her diagnosis (I seem to recall she said the diagnosis was unconfirmed) so I think I'll take what she says about her "cure" with a liberal pinch of salt.


I noticed that as well and thought it was a bit of a sweeping statement especially as uninformed do gooders have contacted me to tell me of this "cure" and wonder why I am still in pain.( the answer to that is probably RA ) !!

Having said that I have taken on board the ideas she had regarding cutting back on fruit & veg and think I may have gone overboard on healthy foods in the past and not taking into account my IBS.

To sum up the adage a "little of what you fancy does you good " does make sense really,I have often said I would eat Horse s##t if it could made me feel better.

sadly I am a coffee addict so it would be hard to follow to the letter !! (down to approx 3 a day).


I cut my Tramadol tablets of 100mg each, in half and took 50mg last night with an ibuprofen and 2 amitryptaline tabs, woke up this morning feeling fine! No aches or pain managed the stairs as a normal person whereas sometimes I have had to hold on and take one step at a time. I am not saying I am going to be cured or if it will work full time, but it is working for me so far... No coffee has passed my lips, I have only had water and although I would like a coffee, there is no point in not doing this right.

What I would say is that my fibromyalgia, although bad at some times, has never been quite as bad as some descriptions on this site, thank you God. I can only imagine the excruciating pain that some people go through and I did at the beginning of my diagnosis. I can only say that my medication was right for me and that cutting down and with this 'diet' I feel fine. (famous last words , I hope not!)

Will report back tomorrow. X


Day 4 - still on the lower medication and did not sleep well last night, but that might have something to do with falling asleep in the chair at 9 for an hour and there was a programme I wanted to watch too! I did have a small bag on cheese & onion snacks from M&S but didn't realise until I read the packet this morning that they contained potatoes which are a no no, so perhaps that is why I didn't sleep well because of the slight pangs i felt.

Some pain returning but nothing bad, don't know whether this is because of the reduction in Tramadol or not so making an appointment with GP so will report back on that. Have managed to drive out and walk around for my work commitments without any trouble.

Will report again tomorrow x


Sorry didn't get a chance to report the last few days, incredibly busy at work. Well, I am still on half meds and getting on OK but do get some pain, still cutting out Oxalates from my diet. I find that I can do quite a bit of many things - noticed in the pub last night that when I got up to visit the ladies (drinking fizzy water as driving) my legs were nowhere near what they used to be. I used to think that the seats we sat on did nothing for the pain, so that's an improvement. Spoke to GP on Thursday but nothing there about halving meds or diet e sceptic he wrote it down on my notes. He did ask for me to keep him updated in a couple of weeks.

I am very confused as to how this Dr overcame her fibro so quickly! X


I am now into my 4th week & am on 50mg Tramadol a day now. Pain almost gone. Partied hard over the weekend at my son's wedding, danced all night! Just a little sore in left knee on Monday but OK now. Can HIGHLY recommend this way of eating as it suits me! I know it may not work for all but if you haven't tried it why not give it a go? x


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