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At last a brilliant result my daughter suffers with CFS and has been very poorley

with terrible pain exhaustion etc. She came to stay for my birthday and the difference was amazing she was bright happy full of energy in fact my daughter of times past :) How - well she has discovered she is Wheat intolerant and Lactose too. Removing these from her diet and a power house of energy has returned to her. I am quite over awed by the change no more pains in her tummy, only tired when she has done too much and running about with vigour.

I am not suggesting we all give these aspects of our diet up but perhaps we should look more at what we eat.

I am certainly being more aware as gluten and wheat has always made me lethargic.

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my dr has said I have IBS and bloating (first actually mentioned a few montsh ago)altho have had symtpoms fro more than 2 years and none has ever mentioned diet in any way.i don't believe it is IBS as have no problems with bowels and can have IBS without these symptoms?my weight has gone up 11 kgs in last 2.5 years and it s al labdominal.


Do you bloat and feel exhausted when you eat bread cereal that sort of thing well if you do just try giving it up for a while. Look at the gluten free site good luck xgins


Hi gins, I see we are both Virgo's, it was my birthday Monday 9th Sept, .......I get bloat when I eat white bread and it also has a horrible affect on me, its make me feel tetchy and very tired I have to sleep after eating it, which is only when I go visiiting....Dee x


How did your daughter find out?did she have tests?Iam interested to know how you go about finding out x


She started a process of elimination giving one specific up for three months and then another. The lactose when she took a pill with covering with lactose binding agent made her very ill doctors then confirmed it and she is now written up intolerant. Without it her skin is clear I am so pleased she has found something which helps her.

I dont believe there is a test persay save for the coleiac test but that can be negative and wheat can still be a problem


yep! I agree gins! coz I started looking into dietry changes years ago and I agree that cutting out certain breads and cereals to help to prevent the bloating and pains, which cause the lethargy as your body cannot break it down properly, is a first step forward to feeling healthier. I have been under the care of a colo-rectal consultant now for about 6 years and have had umpteen tests and yep IBS and severe obstructive disorder thingyme bob were amongst the findings alongside other more pressing issues!! constipation when severe can also make you very fatigued and lethargic which thanks to being left to take codeine for years helped to create severe bowel problems.

I've been battling this for years changing diets noting physical and mental differences associated with food changes. I promise I'm not waffling LOL just can associate so much with how it drags you and your energy into an abyss of darkness when you have to stop eating and drinking yr fave things :(

give her some of my fluffy cuddle regards and am so glad she's feeling better, also has she been checked for hypermobility(syndrome)? as it can be a causal factor for such problems too... apparently! I wouldn't want to mislead anyone :)



im off all gluten and dairy and it really helps many symptoms for me.


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