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A walk down memory lane

Hi everyone. I went for a walk yesterday to the dentist from my mums house. My car failed it's Mot so i can't use it till friday when it's fixed. The walk really got me thinking about my life as i walked past my friend's old house who lived 5 minutes walk away from my mum's. It took me 15 mins to get to that point and it really got me thinking. I used to walk that journey about 3 times a week about 4 years ago back and forth to see my friend and he would walk me home. It really hit me how much things had changed and how different my health was then compared to now.

I carried on through the park and to my horror the bench half way through the park had gone, so i had no choice but to keep on going, i had already stopped twice before the park before that. I then encountered a hill with a bench at the top, i was so happy when i made it but this obviously took me a very long time to get up. I finally made it to the dentist after much struggle and slowness. I then also realised that my best friends old house was past the dentist and i used to walk there about 2 years ago a few times a week to see her and her children.

In a way im so proud of myself for doing it even though it was a pretty silly thing to do really and i am most definately suffering the consequences of it today. All together the 20 minute journey took me 45 minutes and i used to walk that same journey several times a week without thinking about it. It's sad to think about how worse i have got in the last two years and something that was once so easy turns into a miltary operation.But for me it was an achievement to know i could still do it in my own time.

I think next time i will listen to my mum and take the bus :)

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Well done I dont think your time was bad at all! But you know Mums are right catch the bus! so annoying but they usually are right hehe lol :) xgins


well done never easy my walking how been affected big time in the past few months, I have to use a crutch to walk my little dogs, through the supermarket, its shocking how the debiliating part of fibro just takes over without any warning so pleased you achieved your mission lol hugs xx


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