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Just when we think we have it bad (DLA RELATED)

I have a family member who has bowel cancer. He has just finished his last course of Chemo and has possibly months left to live.

He applied for DLA last year and was refused despite being in a wheelchair, 24 hour care from his wife and many other things. He was refused.

he had his tribunal last week, he was again refused.

So maybe we all need to take a moment to remember that there are many many more people in much worse places than we are and that while we may not got DLA is the end of the world, really we have plenty of time to get the help we need.

I'm by no means belittling all that we all go though, I am just saying that if they refuse someone with Terminal Cancer, even under the special rules, then it is understandable why some of us struggle when we have an illness that is still very much an enigma to the medical profession itself.

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OMG, that is awful. I guess they thought he was going to die so why pay out, less paperwork for them.

Sorry to hear about your family member.....xx


It's mad me sick to think that i got it for being disabled but with the knowledge that I wasn't about to die, and a man who has worked hard all his life, gets a disease out of his control and they won't help him.


I so agree love and feel very much for your relative. There is just no sense in this is there....... :( xxx


same as my friend he has a rare cancer they think it was bought on by an accident at work he had but no so called evidence this is a rare cancer and is terminal again he was turned down for dla cos he wasnt that ill!!!!!!


How disgusting makes me feel really bad and undeserving as I get Middle rate DLA I am so sorry for your relative Elsbeth and you too Angied, irt does beggar the question WHY????????????????????

hugs ruby XX


Yes thatb is awful he should automatically recieve it no questions asked !!!!! yes i always say there is someone worse off but sometime when people are struggling to cope and that extra help be it with things in the home or monetry then it is frustrating when they apply and are turned dowmn and leave them wondering how bad and low do i have to get???? i have not applied for dla at this moment in time but i will at some point love to you and sorry to hear about your relative love diddle x


he isn't old enough for attendance allowance.


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