It shows how we are treated

I was looking at posts today and thought OMG thats how we now think, what i mean is that we are actually congratulating forum members on being "so chronically ill that even a biased bigot from the assessment team feels we are bad enough for an award"!,

its a shame we cant always post "im glad you are having a better spell and less pain and discomfort" but if we did they would probably freeze their benefits!

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  • I think when you are having a bad day its good to know that someone in same condition can understand and support you and maybe you can feel more positive after that. This has been my experience 🙂

  • 100% agree with that and we all need support from our peers at some point and there is certainly plenty of that here. I was merely reflecting on the irony of us applauding when they are rated sick enough to get what they deserve.

  • I agree its tragic that you have to fight to show how much pain you are in as it isnt outwardly visible. It would help if the doctors could spend a week in our shoes.

  • Here here. They would curl up in the first 24 hours, i would also like to see how many could function on the level of meds im on

  • Very true, my chemist has got to know me very well as i have started to rattle like a box of smartie 😀😀🙄

  • I can only say 218 doses of medication per week is no fun at all, i could go to certain nearby pubs and earn a good few pounds.

  • I thought 126 was bad leon lol.

  • Hi my friend

    I have to agree that this is a sad state of affairs!

  • It is indeed sir.

  • I feel sorry for anyone that has to take some of the crap we need to, and really quantity doesnt count for much but inconvenience, im sure there are people on only 4 doses a day that suffer more with side effects than me, im now only on predisolone and hydroxychloroquine for RA as i did a great job of rejecting everything else :(

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