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just need tlc and advice ..

has anyone moved with fms ??

Its ment to be stressful so tips please ...

my huby and i are hoping to move we put in an offer on a house that needs work

now we done the morgage bit on paper ...and now what ??

how long

im already stressed .....

give me tips ... if not tips tlc is as good lol

Gentle dyslexic hugs

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I moved 3 years ago, it is stressful but worth it in the end, just take it slowly and heres some tlc and hugs x


I moved in March this year.

As with everything try to pace yourself, delegate , ask for help and if help is offered accept it .

Rest often and on moving day make sure you take the kettle, tea bags , coffee etc with you rather than packing it . It will be the first thing you need !



Hi Lexie, I am going through a house move as we speak! On the last lap and about to exchange contracts hopefully next week and move the following week! Boy has it been stressful! I am NEVER moving again!!!!!

The secret is pacing as Helen says! I haven't made it to the moving day yet, but I've got it all planned, a box of goodies with drinks, cookies and crisps and sandwiches in, flasks of hot drinks, cartons of juice. Not forgetting to leave out the kettle, teabags, coffee, milk and sugar ready for the other end! :)

Thankfully I've got two strapping sons and hubby to do the donkey work and the removal firm doing all the heavy stuff, a huge lorry and a Luton van too.

I will be so relieved when it's all over! :)


we moved and are3 thinking of it again , when we moved i packed over the weeks before, it gives you time to rest in between packing , write on each box what room they have to go in , any others put into a spare room and you can unpack in your own time, get the rooms that are important done first, and you will be able to destress and rest, suex


Moving is bad enough .... but to a house that needs some work!!! You are very brave!!!

(((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


Thank goodness our new house doesn't need anything doing immediately, it's just a question of putting our stamp on it in our own time! I've told hubby I've already chosen the wallpapers lol! Poor thing, he's gone into hiding lol! Bless him! ;)


Hi, my partner and i are thinking of down sizing, my twin boys will be 17 at christmas, having lost my job finances are strained! And i cant manage with the up keep of the house, on the bright side of things my partner is really supportive and we want to do a very mad thing......we want to sell everything get married, take off on a world cruise and come back to rent privatley, as i can no longer get a mortgage, the hot weather makes me feel better and i can travel easier by cruising with all my ailments, if i get worse and more unable to move at least i will have some excellent memories. My partner was my child hood sweet heart we were together for 8 years, we grew apart went in different directions then out of the blue 25 years later we came together again been back together for just over 3 years now we're very happy and both of us will be celebrating our 50th birthdays next year too.....shall we do the mad thing??? xxx


thank you everyone ..

we have a big family so the only way we can up sze is choose a house that needs work but as long as its sound i am happy i have a huby and boys who will help when needed

It is a big choice as i am working and packing its a big scarry bit but i have lots of support on here


gentle dyslexic hugs


Hi. Great advice, take it all in. I have not got over my move this Merch yet, but that is because I have had help from only 1 person. Downsized from a big house with 10 rooms and lge loft to 5 pretty small rooms. On the up side I now have an adapted flat, access to the world again and views to both mountain and harbour :)

I would only add here that as you will be moving to a place needing work pack a series of boxes that you will need over the next few months (Christmas is only 4 months away) if you will not be able to unpack all straight away. And label everything well, not just with room they are to go to but full contents.

Wishing you much luck and love in your new home xx


I have just moved off a narrow boat to a flat where did I get so much stuff from but iv done it just rest as much as you can & do it slowly you'll get there good luck xx


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