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Moving Home & PIP

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Can anyone out there help me? I live in Kent and receive PIP, mainly for my Fibro. My husband and I are thinking of moving to Norfolk. However, I am worried that I will need to go through the whole benefit procedure again; and am also worried that I may not obtain PIP if I do. Has anyone moved County and faced the same worry? How did you get on? Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Stay safe everyone.

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I was told when I asked if I moved that the claim is about you not where you physically live as I discussed the need to move to say a bungalow if things did not get better ie mobility. Just call the helpline as they are good at responding to questions.

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GillieGG in reply to Deeb1764

Thanks for the advice Deeb1764, I really appreciate it. I will follow your advice.

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a change of address should not affect your pip and is not classed as a charge of circumstances

Thanks your the advice Hazel, I appreciate it.

Just call to give your new address and change of doctors etc.Your money will not change

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GillieGG in reply to Fra22-57

Thanks for your advice Fra22-57. I appreciate it. Stay safe.

Yes I did move from Yorkshire to Lincolnshire 5 years ago I was receiving DLA and just notified them in writing of my change of address. It did not affect my receipt of benefits. I did not change bank account. Good luck with the move x

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GillieGG in reply to Mistyang

Thank you Mistyang for responding. I appreciate your help. Best wishes and stay safe.

Hello. PIP is not awarded on a diagnosis or illness or the amount of prescription drugs you are taking. PIP is awarded on your ability to preform the PIP descriptiors in a repeatable manner, safely and timely manner. Your PIP benefits will stay with you when you move but you will have to inform the DWP of your change of address.

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GillieGG in reply to Farmerboy

I really appreciate your response. This has helped put my mind at ease. Thank you very much. Stay safe.

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Farmerboy in reply to GillieGG

So happy to help I don’t know much about Fibromyalgia but learning. My disability is MS.

Morning. I moved 6? Years ago and just notified them of CofA. I would recommend paying the post office to redirect your mail for a year. Worth it x

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GillieGG in reply to CripLady

Thanks for responding. I really appreciate your advice. Stay safe.

As above replys ,

You do have to tell them about the change

It is usually fine no problems with that change of circumstances

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GillieGG in reply to Ajay575

Thanks Ajay for responding. I really appreciate it. Stay safe.

As long as you let the DWP know you are moving, it should not change a thing. DWP are Government, so it's not a postcode lottery.

Just over a year ago I moved from Hampshire to Wales with absolutely no problems.

Cheers, Midori

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GillieGG in reply to Midori

Thank you for getting back to me Midori, I really appreciate it. I was worried that I would have to reapply, with the possibility of not qualifying. This has put my mind to rest. Thanks.

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No, relocating will not affect your PIP but you MUST inform the dept. as it is a 'change in circumstances'.

Hello, receiving the benefits of PIP is not dependent on where you liv, the only requirement of you the claimant is to inform the DWP of your change of address and contact details. Your benefits will remain in place until a review is required or you need to reapply under a change of circumstances, your diagnosis, illnesses or disability has got worst and you may need more help. This won’t be required if you are receiving the higher rate of PIP for daily living and mobility. Hope your move goes ok a lot of sorting out to do.

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