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thank you :)

Hi my lovely fibro buddies

would just like to thank you to all who tried to help and give me advice and helped me through my terrible day i am still feeling sore and tired and fed up but also feeling positve xxx without this site to listen i would feel even more frustrated, i have been to my local council to renew my blue badge as it is due to run out , just to say even that is a saga now they assess you now and then let you know in 10 days but quick to take £10 of you for it yes thats right £10's gone up from the £3 admininstration fee to that but is worth it still so don't mind to much ,

take care and gentle sft hugs to everyone xx teresa xx

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Hi Teresa,

Glad to hear you a little more up beat even though you still suffer!

I am proper suffering too! My neck and am sure its having spasms as it went last friday and was co fined to bed except the loo. And got Diazepam but i have to drive day in day out and had to finish early and let girls go home as had enough.

I just wish there was something!!!!

I may book appointment and see get injections as i must wrk.

I got forms through for blue badge but need to see my Dr which not till next Monday. Bit of wait unless emergency. Which they say i can if i need to.

How much does one have to suffer lol.

I would have to close business to claim ! I going to look into it now i think

. Well Teresa hope that badge is done quickly for you! Xxxxxxcazziexxx


hi cazzie

sorry your going through it too :(. i send love and hugs to you my lovely xx the blue badge is just a formality i think, all this is due to people being fraudulent and to prevent that but it worries genuine applicants its all gone mad i reckon haha, i have just rested mainly today it does help i even managed a 10minute sleep wahooo , i think it is soooo cruel how we seem to be suffering and we are really left to deal and sort things our self why isn't they any help out there for us why does nobody have a specialist that deals with this xxx you take care cazzie you are extremely brave and strong to run a business and deal with fibro as best as you can xxxx teresa xxx


Hi Teresa,

Yeah so many fakes!

Not sure i would get the help i do if did not have a job though as think be more investigated possibly. But i am reallllly finding it so very difficult now doing a job i have built from scratch myself and wrked hard.

All can do is keep going as long as possible.

My wkends are saturday is catching up house & shopping but sometimes hubby goes alone.

Body is like alarm clock lol it knows when finished and just wants to relax as in wk its focus and the concentration, organising, driving and customers is so hard.

So glad you got some sleep!!! Power naps are mesnt to refresh (my hubby says so) haha

You keep taking and expressing your daily issues as you do not want to stress and deal on your own. Plenty on here can definately know what feels like.

Some are lot worse than others.

I just take as comes and try keep smiling for hubby and kids the rest out there just have to put up with my mood changes too.

When its bad its bad and can snap without control.

Hubby says to me if i want to let it out then to do so as he sees how i am.

Off balance today big time!! And neck arms hands etc.

But nothing my little glass wine wont cure to help sleep!!

It does affect symptoms but why should i give a little me time as do not go anywhere much at all.

Where abouts are you? I am leeds and its hot today prob why like i am as makes fatigue too and a worn out feeling empty battery lol. Not like when your not ill its different kind.

Xxxxxxxxlots of hugs xxx cazzie cxc


hi cazzie,

i live in hull huni, i let go on here cos like you i hide from family only my hubby see's through this as do my daughters sometimes (i obviously i aint doing as good of a job recently), it is agreat scources of relief and help and hopefully i can help others too , i think it has been soo muggy the last couple of days and i agree it doesn't help. i totally understand the empty battery, i guess like me you have a good support off your hubby he understands your snappyness mine does so yours will keeps them on their toes i reckon haha x you enjoy your glass of wine you have earned it :) xx take care lovely xx lots of hugs teresa xx


So pleased to hear you're feeling a bit better Teresa! Sometimes just telling someone and acknowledging that you're having a bad day helps, a problem shared is a problem halved etc. It's a pleasure having you in our lovely forum, take care! :)


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