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Does my daughter have Fibro?

She's 15, been through so many tests but the drs can't figure out what is wrong with her.

She's always tired. Bad mood swings. Her pupils get really big. she has pain all over. few other things but does that sound like fibro?

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i am going through all the various tests at the moment to rule out auto immune disease, vitamin deficiency among other things, 4 doctors have said i have fibro, i just have to wait for the other tests to come back clear before the official diagnosis. i had to go and see a rheumatoid specialist at the hospital who have also done all the tests. maybe ask the doctor for hospital referral to the relevant people to try and get some more answers.

My symptoms are pain all over my body, extreme fatigue, muscle spasms and muscle stiffness so bad I become unable to walk. I hope you daughter gets some clearer answers soon.

good luck


Hello Oz, the symptoms you describe relate to a few conditions. The main thing is that your daughter is being tested for these illnesses to rule most of them out so she gets a clear diagnosis. It's the waiting game unfortunately. I assume she's had endless blood tests etc. Whilst Fibromyalgia has these symptoms, so does CFS/ME for example.

You are bound to worry as she's your daughter, but hopefully she will get her diagnosis and the treatment to help her. One consolation is that if she does have Fibro the outlook for her is good being so young, she may even grow out of it and become symptom-free.


Yes could be but could be lots of things, it is a case of ruleing out other conditions and then testing for fibro. Long road I am afraid.


Thank you all for your replies. We did think CFS too.


Has she had her thyroid checked - some of the symptoms match.

Julie xx


yes I have thyroid condition so we had hers checked they said it was ok x


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