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The results of my neurologist appontment

Hi everyone hope you are all as well as you can be, the sun is shining here and that is always a bonus. Well I decided to make a list of all my symptoms before I went and it was a really good job that I did. The clinc was running really late and I did not go in until after 6. The neuologist was lovely and was very aplogetic about my wait. He asked lots of questions gave me the chance to explan all my symptons and then gave me a very thorough examination. e said that he knew what was wrong with me and that I have functional neurological disorder and that it was good news, well I had never heard of it he said to look at the web site and that would explain better than he could he said he would study all my notes and look at my scan resultsand then write to me. As I was driving home I was really upset thinking that all I got was a name of a websiteb ut on looking at the webite it described me exactly and it has given me hope. The doctor did say that I have chronic pain and fatigue as well and also osteo athritis. I am so happy to have finally got a name to what is wrong with me but it probably means that I shouldnt now be on this site. I really appreciate all the help and support I have got from you lovely people and I wish you all the very best. I would love to hear how you are all getting on Sue xx

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No reason to stop being on here you give support and recieve support and thats what its all about. glad the news was good hugs xx


Well done Sue, for getting a diagnosis. The neurologist I saw on Monday just didn't want to know at all. It was disgusting. I don't think you need to stop using this site either as your symptoms are the same as fibro. I haven't had a fibro diagnosis yet - or any diagnosis for that matter and I'd happily settle for any name for my pain!

Christine x


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