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Change of Meds.... Part 2 - been in hospital

Hi all

Sorry not been on for a couple of days... been in hospital

First i would like to thank Flange1967 and Jazher for your kind words on my last post (change of meds)

Anyway started the new Fencino patches Thursday morning and all was going well, they had taken some of the pain away and i was feeling very positive... went to bed and had my anti depressant tablet and was snuggling up to hopefully get some well deserved sleep.... then it all went wrong... started to have really bad chest pains... felt like someone was sitting on me chest and crushing me... the pain got so bad that my fiance called an ambulance.... this lovely paramedic arrived and did and ECG and all the usual tests and couldn't find anything.... said i may be having a reaction to the new patches and wanted me to go to hospital to get checked out.... so there i am in an ambulance at 12.30 am being taken to the hospital.

I was in hospital for about 16 hours, in that time they did 4 ECG's, a chest x-ray and took so much blood i'm sure i've got none

Anyway they couldn't seem to find anything wrong, said all the ECG's were normal and so was the chest x-ray, so nothing wrong with my heart.... i don't know how many different doctors i saw and how many times i explained what was wrong.... they didn't seem to think it was the patches as they had not heard of anyone having that sort of reaction to them before.... they said there was no reason why i shouldn't start using them again... they seem to think i may have had an 'anxiety attack' which i can't quite get my head round as i was quite chilled and relaxed when i went to bed.... anyway they sent me home and told me to just rest....

i decided today to have another go at the patches as they did really work for the pain.... again so far so good... i've made sure i have rested... been great fiance and kids waiting on me :-)

Going to ring doctors tomorrow and see if i can get an appointment as i'm still concerned that there still may be a link and see what she suggested

Sorry for the long post

Hope everyone is ok and has had a lovely Mothers Day

Take Care

Sarah xxx

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Hi Sarah, I hope you are doing ok, how scary! The thing with panic attack is they just come out of the blue without any warning and no particular reason.

You just chill for the rest of the day lol xxx


Hi Sarah Poor you that must have been very frightening for you glad it was nothing serious, but can understnad your being anxious good idea to check in with your Dr. Nice to hear you have been waited on today just take care and look after yourself, (((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) Ruby xx


how scary for you ,glad you ok :) gentle hugs xxxx


Oh bless you so much how scary was that for you and your family, i do hope you will be ok now and the patches are not to blame especially if they helped you love to you diddle x


Oh bless you so much how scary was that for you and your family, i do hope you will be ok now and the patches are not to blame especially if they helped you love to you diddle x


hope you manage to sort it all out. you must have been scared stiff!! (((hugs))) :)


Hi sarah,

How are you today?

sorry to hear you were in hospital hun, have your patches made any difference today?

Did anybody mention costochonriatus (sorry cant spell) lol.

google it hun and see if that sounds anything like what you experianced.

hope your feeling better.

kel xxx


Hi everyone

Many thanks for all your kind messages.. i am feeling a lot better now and the patches are starting to work a bit better :-)

OMG Kel (Jazher) i have just googles costochondritis and read all about it and it's link to Fibro... wow thats virtually exactly how i felt... i have never heard of it before, i'm surprised the doctors missed it especially as they new about the fibro but hey thats doctors for you lol, it does explain why they couldn't find anything wrong with my heart and the chest x-ray was ok.... will mention it to my GP when i next go...

Thanks you so much, i would never have known with out your suggestion

Take care all

Sarah xx :-)


Thats what we are here for hun.

Pleased you found it useful. :)

Take care hun, kel xxx


Hope your feeling better today...gentle hugs :-) xX


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