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Hi everyone well thats if you can get to see this i just turned on and i gotr a white screen it will let me see all the blogs but when you click on a certain onw to highlight it it goes all white but it will let me write one lol

oh well i think libby has said there is some sort of overload so hopefully it will be sorted soon so you may see this you may not

oh well hope you are all white like me and normal service will soon ressume love to tou diddle xxxxx

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Hi Diddle,

I have sat and wrote an answer to a blog clicked submit comment and waited and waited and waited.Didn't send the comment and deleted it too.

I love to read your blogs and reply's to others,quite often have my ribs aching too with laughing.Keep it up please.

Carol X


Diddle, it's looking better now fingers' crossed. Not perfect yet, but at least we can post now and not so much white lol! ;)


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