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Good Morning my fibro friends !!! been to the doctors :(

hi peeps,

went to the doctors yesterday as my pain in my shoulder,arm and chest(actually swollen and can feel a lumpy bit of tissue) is no better and it is really doing my nut in along with all the other pain but this pain is sort of new so wanted to get it sorted, went with a mental list of what i wanted to ask and get across i explained how my shoulder was told him i feel stupid coming every week said i wasn't myself and havent been for a long time , he said im not stupid so to stop thinking, that felt my shoulder, wrote on the medical notes word for word how i said it felt, he upped the pregablin to 75mg 100mg( it had only been upped 2weeks before from 50mg) and told me to take the oramorph as atop up to my MST CONTIOUS (10mg) and keep a record of when i take the oramorph so next time i see him in a month so he can see wether the meds need adjusting, he thinks its all to do with the fibro , i asked will it ever go and will i ever feel normal again he said it is horrible and yes it will, i left with perscription in my hand pain still in my shoulder and everywhere else and still a list in my head what i didnt tell him, why do we feel guilty going to a gp why can't we get across how we are feeling, he is avery easy doctor to speak to so why do we feel so wrong, i have decided that if still in pain by the weekend i am going to go to a and e and get it xrayed as i actually think it is more the just fibro i actually think it is ligaments grrrrrr confusion ...................on the plus i actually went to bed at 11pm read for a bit 12-30am my eyes was closing so i stopped reading and slept til 7-30am when my alarm went off WAHHHHOOOO, I SLEPT SO DEEP I FEEL COULD SLEEP ALL DAY TODAY SO I AM JUST GOING TO CHILLAX , enjoy your day and thanks for listening peeps much appreciated xxx

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enjoy your chill day tc soma x


thank you soma xx you too x


Hope your having a good day and your pain has eased a bit.

Jo xx


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