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Easy way to peel suede!

I had this idea 4 or so years back and have shared it with carers that have passed it through a few care agencies and many homes.

I love suede but could never prepare it.

Treat it like you would a baked potato.

Stab it several times, place on kitchen roll and microwave for 4mins up to 6mins depending on size and level of cooking needed.

Leave to cool a little and peel. Easier now than a peach.

I now do this for turnips, carrots and parsnips too. Fi x

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Hi, Fiona,

Hope you are well (or as well as can be expected).

Thanks for the tip on how to prepare suede, i also love this veg, but can not peel it.

I am now off to hospital for a cystoscopy. My appoinment is at 10am and i have to catch 2 buses to get there and live out of town, next week i have an appointment at rheumy and that is 9am but i guess i should be grateful that i am being seen and hopefully they will be able to help with my problems

gentle Hugs

Bonnie Lass


So sorry I was not able to see this post until now. Hope it has gone well.

Will send you a message tomorrow x


I've been doing this for years as well - got the idea when I was baking potatoes. When I make baked potatoes I mush up the flesh with some butter when they're done before I add the filling and realised that making mashed potatoes this way would be a lot easier than having to peel, boil, etc. The skin came off so easily & I figured if it worked for baked tatties it might just work for neeps too (mmm love it mashed with lots of butter & black pepper).

When I do turnip (swede) I put a slit into it (like I would a baked potato) and then check it every so often and make the slit deeper each time until it can be easily cut through. Your swedes must be wee ones cos the ones I use take about 15-20 min to soften. Once it's really soft I leave it for a few minutes to cool. I usually have bashed neeps so I put the cut side down on a cutting board and press down and that releases the skin ready to peel back (if needing some stress therapy I bash it with a rolling pin!).

Not tried with carrots or parsnips but I use the same method with sweet potatoes (btw got a great recipe for sweet potato &.smoked paprika soup!).


I was baking a potato too when the idea came to me.

I do not normally cook them through, just enough to peel them as I add to curry paste and other spice mixes before cooking fully in stews or curries.

Love the turning ut cut side down and making only a larger cut.. Will try that as I only stab them (stress relief) all over and check in areas where there is no cuts :)


oh wow....thanks for the tip x


hi hunny you mean swede?...good tip tho xx


Ha, sure do. You could try suede, but, may not ever get soft :/ xx


Oops :0


Brilliant idea Thanks x gins


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