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Easy way to understand fibromyalgia (well, sort of) lol


So eveyone has signal's from the brain to the nervous system for pain, illness etc...imagine that these signals from the brain are all driving down a busy road, then they stop at a gate that runs straight across the road. A healthy person has the gate open and close letting a few of the signals through at a time. A person with fibromyalgia has a problem where the gate is left open and all of the signals rush through the gate to the nervous system causing the nervous system to send pain/illness symptoms every where because the millions of brain signals told it to do so. Well i hope that helps, it helped me grasp it a little easier

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Hi Miss_Boo

Now that is a good analogy, thank you for that.

Take care and kindest regards


Thank you now I understand that miss-boo it's no wonder I'm feeling that it feels like I'm drunk from dizziness and everything else fibromyalgia

Ur welcome guys and galz x


Excellent analogy :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

Thanx for that miss-boo, makes sense where did you get that information from or who?? It certainly does make sense tho....Dee x

What a good analogy, Hope you are well today. Gentle hugs.x

Hi miss_boo

That is a very good way of putting it. I think in my case there is a multiple car pile up at the gate entrance, and yet they still keep coming!

Take care

Ken x

Thanks for that, it definitely makes sense. Gentle hugs.

Sure does - it's why I think of it as neurological though we often get to see rheumatologists. - perhaps a combination. Fibro's not one of those leg in plaster things - you can see the problem. Perhaps it's also partly why antidepressants tend to work and opioids tend not to. note the use of the word TEND It's not all black and white. :)

It was my g.p that told me, he has just got back from a convention all about fibromyalgia and other neuroligal disorders .

I also watched a video on youtube and a specialist on there was talking about it. I just tried to find it but couldnt but it was fibromyalgia part one.

He shows you an illustration of the brain as if sliced in half and points out a small part of the brain (has a special name) that was responsible for the out put of all these signals.. if i come across it i will paste it onto a reply on here .

Makes sense though, this is why painkillers dont work. Xx

hi miss boo thanks for sharing this anthology good explanation.

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