Oh what a way to start the day

Still haven't been to sleep yet just couldn't set comfortable no matter what persistion I tried some part of me was hurting, my 3ry old is already awake and my 5ry old won't be far behind, my hubby is out this morning and I think he has got Richie my 5ry olds viral infection, and really is unwell bless them they are all very poorly today, I love them all lots they are my strength, more so now that even my hobbies hurt to do, hope everyone is doing OK today

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  • Healing hugs to you all x

  • Morning Paula, sounds like you have your hands full with one thing or another {{hugs}} I hope you all start to feel a lot better soon and you can manage to get some rest over the weekend take care xx


  • Thanks, Im sure going to try

  • Aw I remember what it was like with just 1!! And the bugs passing round the family. bless hope ur all better soon x

  • Thank you

  • You sound like a very caring wife and mother hun. Part of the chores thrown at us in life. hope the day gets better..

  • Thank you, that's very nice of you to say

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