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more xx

baking soda can be used 4 a number of things i cant write all but ill do som.mixed with a few drops of water it can b used as a toothpaste/mouthwash.its good 4 cleaning ur washing machine n cheaper than calgon .just put a few teaspoons of the powder along with a cycle .a damp facecloth with a few drops of ur chosen essential oil works great in ur tumble dryer.i hope everyones fine .ive been in severe pain but its settled now pheeewww xx

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More great ideas! You should write a book Jaccoz! :D


Jacoz it also makes glass really shine! : thanks for tips xgins


Dear Jaccoz,

I love these type of tips...

I was hoping for baking powder might relieve the pain of fibro?

Please post more please?



Also, if you put some in a small bowl in the fridge it absorbs any nasty smells. Also in flasks in between uses. As you say has so many uses. Didn't know the one about cleaning the washing machine. Will try that! X


thnx everi 1,im sori tht ive no pain relife tips i wsh i had xx


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