Well after deciding I was not going to take Pregabalin because I have read it can cause weight gain I am on it. My doctor persuaded me to try it for one month, he weighed me and said he would check it again in a months time.

I am only on 25ml twice a day and have taken three. I can't notice any difference at all yet.

How long do these pills take to work and is it the pain they are supposed to stop?

I would also like to ask if any of you drink alcohol? nearly all my medication says avoid alcohol and I love a glass of wine.

I feel I have given up so much since I have had this new mate Fibro but why should I give up things I enjoy and can still do.

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  • Can,t comment on the pregabalin, but my meds all say don't drink so haven't had any in 4 years ... Never drank that much .... Can.t handle it that well but the odd small glass of wine was nice. So I would be cautious if all your meds say avoid alcohol I would think it best if you do but that's me just being cautious ... Have you asked your gp?

  • No, he might say I can't :(

  • I've been taking pregabalin for a few months now. Its not stopped all my pain but has helped reduce some of it. It can take up to 6 weeks I think to start to take effect. I take 600mg a day. It does say on the info leaflet that its advisable not to drink alcohol whilst on pregabalin. I don't drink anyway so haven't had to ask my consultant about this. I would say you probably shouldn't be drinking on it but maybe you should check with your GP and see whether you can have a glass or two of wine?

    I know one of the side effects is weight gain but I'm happy to say I've not gained any weight with it yet. I've been on a healthy eating kick and lost 3Ib over the past 2 weeks. Hopefully you'll not have gained any weight when you go back to your GP. Good luck xxx

  • i think the thing with pregabilin is it increases your hunger so you are prone to eat more,if you do feel you need to snack between meals, make it a apple or something with the least calories,obviously if you snack instead on junk food you are going to gain weight, better still fill up on water (don't go over eight glasses a day o you will be ill) ,

  • Eight glasses of water!! I will need to wear a nappy :)

  • it seems a lot of water i know!! but i drink 6 glasses a day plus a couple of coffees, being doing tat for years and haven't died yet!!!, a bit of a nuisance if you don't like water, (don't drink pint glasses!!) only like a half pint glass,!!! (put half a pint of water in a wine glass!!) and pretend really hard that is is white wine!!

  • Brilliant response, water in a wine glass, it works

  • Ooerr! I drink more than 8 glasses of water a day! I love water and always drink filtered water, chilled. I use the Brita Jugs and filters. the water tastes wonderful - and I've drunk water in copious amounts this way all my adult life without ever getting ill from it. I must have a cast iron constitution, as my Gramps used to always say xx

  • hi ya ive been on pregabaline for over 3 years now and it has helped ease my pain its not taken it away and i still have my bad days depending on what life thrws at me lol but hey just get on with it i am not sposed to drink while taking my meds but i do on the odd occassion as long as you dont go silly one glass shouldnt hurt you may just be in more pain the following day but you do need to be careful so bear in mind you drink at your own risk i take 150mg in morning and another at night along with other meds and ive been ok when i have had a few drinks and im a vodka drinker mainly if you are worried talk to your doc i dont drink very often but i do like a few drinks now and then and im ok but as they say everyone is diff just be careful and dont drink alone just incase xx

  • im on pregabalin and have been for about 3 months. the max i was on was 250mg a day but im starting to come of it now as i was getting a lot of the side effects. i am now on 150mg a day and i have noticed that it had helped with the burning sensations as im starting to get a lot more of them again. I did put on weight but then again i havent been as mobile as i was before which wont have helped either. i avoided alcohol for a couple of months and then started to have a couple of drinks at the weekend (but not every weekend) but still very cautious and if i have had to take painkillers also then i wont drink at all.(i didnt mention anything to my gp)

    it is so hard as i look around at people my age and i want that life back but i cant have it any more. You are right we do have to give up a lot.

    Take Care

    Jo xx

  • I was on pregabalin and put on weight so dr. put me on gaberpentine but that was no good for my pain. I asked the dr. to put me back on pregabalin but doctors have now been told not to prescribe it due to the cost. Had anyone else found this to be the case.

    I drink red wine in moderation and have no side effects.

    Sleepalot x x

  • My doctor told me it was expensive and they usually prescribe gaberpentine but I got it as it was prescribed by the rheumy at the hospital. Why should we accept the cheaper drugs? we pay for them and have worked and pay our taxes.

  • I tried pregabalin did help a little but with side effects I gained weight. Next time I saw specialist he told me that losing weight would lead to a reduction in pain !*! I took him at his word I gave up the pain killers, lost weight. I still have the pain but find that is easier to live with.

  • I have not gained weight on this medication Not sure how good it is at relieving pain. I on 50mg. Increasing myself so will let people know if any good xxx

  • I drink if I want to. No adverse effects. I get drunk easy I think because I have sad life and don't drink as often as I'd like.

  • i used to drink every day took me along time to stop it but being in pain all the time it is so easy and feels good to drink, when i drink it is the only time i feel normal and dont feel the pain, i also feel that life is sh*ty doc gives me tabs for it but nothing ever changes i got a wee dog to try and bring something to my life it does a bit, b ut jeannie message me if you want a chat dont be alone.xx

  • ive been on them for a few years i take 600mg per day, be carefull with them on my dose they get you a bit hi i dont think they take the pain away but because you abit high the pain seems to be its like its there but not. i take other pain killers to. watch them with drinking taking two and drinking gets you wasted, i've nick named them happy feet, be so careful with them best of luck.x x

  • Hi i am also on pregabalin have been taking them for at lest 5 to 6 weeks im still in pain but it as easyed a little . i was on gabapentine but they didn't suit me had bad side effects and coming of them was not nice either xxx

  • Hey Gloria, gentle hugs.

    I've been on Pregabalin about 10 weeks and it, alongside 2 Co-codamol 30/500 night and morning and 2 more lots as needed, of the Co-codamol during the day - will - most days - take a good pinch off the pain. Not quite full respite I know - but better than no relief at all.

    And I've actually LOST a bit of weight - not gained any. Drinking all that water I mentioned above helps! :-P


    Carol xx

  • hi i am on 900 pregabalin a day an 150 mg slow realease tramodol ,120 deloxetine aswell as noproxen 500 mg feel like a walking zombie ,but still dosnt do that much for my pain at all anyway hugs to eveyone.

  • Well two weeks in and no weight gain.

  • Well I take Pregabalin and have a glass of wine to keep me sane. I think the horror sheet just says a drink (not a bottle) will make you feel more sleepy. So make sure you have the drink in the evening and you will sleep well ! I haven't put any weight on. Just as well as I can't afford to. As someone else says Pregabalin plays with your appetite. Resist !

  • I've just realised this thread is 4years old ! Are you still out there taking Pregabalin ?

  • Hi bones-bones. I'm still here lol. Stopped taking it about a year ago as I didn't feel any real benefit.

    I still enjoy a large glass of red wine though 😁🍷

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