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Well home again!

Well home again!

Got home last night after my visit to Bristol to see my new granddaughter Amelia Xanthe who is absolutely gorgeous. Lovely to see my 3 grandsons as well they are really growing up and such fantasic boys. Had lots and lots of cuddles which was lovely and took my grandsons to see Ice age 4. It was a really good film and the boys looked after me brilliantly I was so proud of them. The drive home was pretty grim lots of traffic on the road and I was exhausted before I set off. The pain in my right foot was awful couldnt get it comfatable on the accelorator, stopped for a rest for an hour then set off again. Still got home safely then I could rest. Hope everyone os okay. sue xx

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Beautiful girl.

I hope you do not suffer too much after your outing. Gentle hugs. Fi x


Ah bless her,beautiful, it is amazing how children/grandchildren can make you feel so much happier ,I had cancer 2 years ago,and all the treatment that went along with it,but I have to say,my twin grandaughters who were only 1 at the time kept me going.

I used to get up in the morning and look forward to every day,as I lookef after them whole my daughter worked full time.

I may have been shattered many days ,but it certainly took my mind off just how rubbish I was feeling at that time.

Hope you don't ache to much, take care,Sandy.


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