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Pure skundered!!!

So I thought I'd giv ya all a wee laugh at my expense and tell ya what hapened to me yesterday. Im a community childcare worker (for my sins lol) working with children aged 0-12 yrs in an inner city area in belfast. Well for the last 3 weeks weve been facilitating a summer scheme with loads of activities like visits to sea side funfairs, farms, beaches, the cinema, adventure play grounds etc.

Yesterday was our final day so we decided to end with a huge fun day comprising a barbeque, disco, bouncy castles, party, face painting, balloon modelling, magician etc. I brought My 3 yr old grandson along as he is completely in awe of magicians and magic at the min and he sat transfixed and completely engrossed throughout the half hour performance (gonna hire this guy every week im on baby sitting duties lol throughout his act the magician picked several kids at various intervals to assist him; you can imagine the kidz excitment every time they were chosen to help they all did a star turn wiv sum even outdoin the magician in the comedy stakes lol.

Then came the moment of my humiliation; my grandson who was sittin a few feet in front of me turned to wave and at xactly the same time the magician asked for an adult to volunteer for his last trick and he just happened to catch me returning a wave to my grandson nd OMG the nxt thing i know im seated on a chair in front of an audience of approx 80 kids and fellow staff while the magician decides to handcuff, gag and blindfold me with bandages then proceeds to pretend to stick knifes in my head, cut my hair, levitate me etc etc. Of course all this was instantly caught on camera and the picture posted to face book with the caption Meet Mr Greys New Sub.

Now for those of u who dont know the reference Mr Grey is a fictional character in a trilogy of books called the 50 shades of Grey. An erotic novel for ladies this book explores the subject of bondage; looking at the role of a dominatrix and his subserviant (sub). Apparently a sub gets his or her kicks by punishment and humiliation (think whips handcuffs being tied to bed and thrust up like a turkey and u'd be on the right track lol). Now my co workers are threatening to post this pick on a S&M website for a laf!!! OMG can u just imagine the weridos I mite attract:-) I'd better get to ann summers quick and stock up on whips handcuffs nd ropes.

Mite make an interesting topic of conversation nxt time I see my Gp re usual fibro aches nd pains

Usual inane Gp question: can you think of any activity/ action you did which mite have lead to flaire up

Me: well Doc I have rather overdone this whipping, handcuffing, spanking lark lately!!! Her face wud b a picture :-0 lol

Have a spankingly gud weekend watever ur up to ;-) lol xxx

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That is so funny! you have brightened my day just reading it, my children always insisted I had to volunteer for everything too, and my husband used to hide under the table so they couldn't make him!


Lol thanx cazbaz shur u havta hav a sense if humour and a lov of the ridiculous when ur workin wiv kids. The lov of bondage and kinky s&m well thats totally optional ;-) lol x


lol x


lol Dixie! You take it easy this weekend and no more of this excitement for you lol! Keep away from magicians, handcuffs, ropes, whips or anything you're likely to get strung up with lol! :)

Your post really made me chuckle, especially as I am reading 50 Shades of Grey at the moment, I will look at it completely differently now with you in mind haha! ;)


Omg LibbyDe I hope I havnt Spoilt things for you by burning such a gruesome imagine into your mind lol. As for the rest of the weeknd I can promise ya il be good I mean I cant get up to too much shenanigans as Im entertaining both my grandchildren at various points over the weekend and going to visit my mother, whos a christian and believe me any antics like that wud make her hair curl!!!! lol so scouts honour il be on my best behaviour. U however are free to be imaginative as possible wirh Mr Grey on both our behalfs ;-) lol hav fun!