Practice wat u preach!!!

Hi all

Was on here earlier welcoming a newcomer and sharing 'words of wisdom' in relation to managing fibro. Gave the usual speel about finding a balance between doin too much vs doing too little, taking life one min at a time, not lookin too far ahead etc etc!! Then i decided that my cooker was a disgrace and as my pains were relatively mildish i.e. 5/10 i'd knuckle down and giv it a good cleaning!!! Guess ive no need to tell ya all the outcome!! Suffice to say i now ache all over feel miserable grouchy and stupid- its not like i dont kno what i should have done e.g. delegated this task, closed the oven door or my eyes completed the task in bite sized pieces etc etc. so princesskim if ur readin take note and remember were all human- great at givin out advice not so good at takin it lol another painful lesson learnt! Onwards to the nxt mistake ;-)))) x

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  • Oh dear Dixie, we can all relate to that, I know I can! Poor you. It seems like a good idea at the time doesn't it and then afterwards WHAM! Every word in your message rings true with all of us I am sure!

    Make sure you rest and take it easy now, don't do anything else, everything can wait. The cooker and everything else will still be there in the morning. Take care, bless you! :)

  • Lol thanx i plan on takin that advice but then again...... Lol seriously though im havin a nice hot bath then gonna jus rest and try to read. Ive downloaded loads of ebooks on to my kindle nd heres hopin I can see through the fog enuff to follow a plot lol x cheers from da lady wiv da cleanest oven in belfast :-)

  • LOL awww you poor thing!!! Easier said than done :P! had to giggle though no exactly what you mean! Well after my cleaning spree this morning and planning to cook dinner tomorrow for my mum i thought id get my bum in to gear again and pop asda! pain i would say before leaving was a 6/10. Spent 2 hours walking round soooooo slow both knees decideds they didnt want to walk any more! i only spent £16 and had not even a basket full but leaning on that trolly going round was so much easier, just trying to get my wrists to turn it to move out of peoples way or trying to speed up because i feel bad people stuck behind me!! Back home now with some Sunny D and tramadol and hoping to proper relax for the night!

    We will never learn will we lol! Just hard to get that balance, something i really struggle with but never minddddd lol :) Gentle hugs Dixie xxxx

  • We all do it,we have a low pain day and think we can spring clean the whole place in one day. It does work better to pace yourself but we all deny the advice from time to time,I guess we want to believe we are cured! xxx never mind!

  • True Avarose sometimes we try so hard to be our oldselves i.e. as we were in the pre-fibro dayz :-) i guess if kidding ourselves was a olympic sport we'd all win gold lol x

  • Hello Dixies Daughter

    I too live in Belfast. I am relatively new to the site & your the first person I've come across from Belfast.

    I live in Finaghy. Can I ask where you are from? I'd love to meet or just talk with someone from my home town.

    Luv & Hugs

    Jackie xx

  • the only option to not having a go when you think you could/should, is to just give up and spend the rest of your life sat in a chair! My worst nightmare come true!!

  • Hi jackie im from north belfast (glandore) antrim road. Im sure we cud arrange something regarding meeting up :-) Are you aware of fibro support groups in da belfast area? if so do u use em? Im thinkin about joinin a local group for some craic tea nd sympathy :-) x

  • True tulips that wud b a nitemare!! I guess its all about the balance and awareness and acceptance of limitations & im shur like a lot on here I find accepting the limitations fibro imposes on my life extremely difficult to accept and i continue to rebel, unfortunetly often to the detriment of my health. A well whoever heard of a rebellion wivout drama and pain :-))) x

  • never a truer word spoken, i too am feeling it more then usual after rushing round this morning trying to get sorted for my visitors and trying to do my bit ( if ya read my blog you will know what i mean ) xsoft little hugs xx

  • Oh you did make me laugh Dixiesdaughter, thank you.

    Yes we all get a bit carried away when we are having a slightly better day, you see all the jobs that need doing and think 'oh I'll just do that today' then one thing leads to another or you get distracted by something else then have to pay for it for a week lol

    My gold medal goes to those that manage to pace themselves (-;

  • yeah we all donre that before gibven out words of wisdom then done the complete opposite lol

    i do it all the time i feel i can do all i used to and yes i can at times but then a few days after and for weeks and months after that i amj in agony i decorated my daughters bedroom it ois about 12 ft by 9 ft she helped for coiuple of hours but i would rather doo it alone anyway that was 3 weeks today and omg am oi paying for it now i really am i wish i had not done it the next day i did not feel too bad and thought i had goten away witrhit but oh dear me no i am suffereing big time now and serves me right i am a person who is fiercely independant with an x husband wh o was offshore so had to do things and jus being on my own for years you have yto do things as if you dont they stay as they are so istruggle to ask for help but oh boy am i goingto have to learn to as i cant keep messing myself up now i am in a horrible place and i dont know how long for could be days/weeks months or years oh well try not to dwell onmthat one anyway yes we must all take our own advice love toyou diddle xxxxx

  • Ano diddle sometimes being a strong independent woman works against us and we can be our own worst enemy. I find asking for help extremely hard as it leaves me feeling vulnerable so I just tend to get on with it and suffer the consequences - stubborn, wilful, determined and at times just plain dumb lol could best describe my character :-)

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