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Getting in touch wiv Nature

Every time I read an article on how to destress relax and unwind the same piece of advice crops up - get grounded and revitalised by communing wiv nature!!! Well after today im gonna throttle da nxt person who sayz that!!! Y I hear you ask???

Well today as part of my works summer scheme we took 25 townie children from inner city belfast to a working farm in Bangor as a treat!!! Bigggg mistake - half the children almost passed out from the farm yard smells, one child almost killed a baby chic after dropping it during a petting session, one child smacked the nose of a donkey becuz it " had bad breath and blew in her face while she was feeding it" several children were severly pissed off becuz the pigs did not look all cute and pink like babe, most children trod in, dropped their money, sandwhich, coat, fav toy etc etc etc in a fresh steaming pile of manure and my 3 yr old grandson deff broke usain bolts world record for speed every time a free range hen came within 10 feet of him. I was ran ragged chasing him but on the plus side I cudnd have lost him all i had to do to locate him was follow his high pitch squeal!!! Relaxing my a%*e i dont know who was more traumatised after this communing lark - us or da animals lol xx

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lol i know you may not have thought so but that was a fantastic blog i am laughing so much with the visions of what you just said bless ya how funny is that

i know what you mean they are all the same kids they think a pig is gonnabe likebabe etc oh well you willlaugh about it in few days lol well you certainly made my day love diddle xxxxxx

p.s old macdixie had a farm ei ei o lol sorry


Hi diddles havta say even though i was an eventful, sometimes stressful nd very fragrant day yesterday - i enjoyed every minute :-) kidz are hilarious and evey one of em provided us staff with some crackin comedic moments yesterday. I laughed myself silly at their antics and even though im payin for it now in increased levels of pain due to over doing it (too much walking, long time sitting on bus to and from farm, too much noise etc) it was soooo worth it just for the laughter :-) hope ur day is blessed wiv fun xxx


Loved your discription of your day out!! As I live in countryside and all children here don't turn a hair at the sight/smells of nature, I forget some children really don't have that opportunity.You will certainly have given them a day never to be forgotten. For various reasons!! Well done all of you.X


Hi suejayjay

Glad you enjoyed the blog im shur its interesting to get a townies view of the country and i bet its far removed from urs; as uve grown up a country lass nature will be like well second nature to you (pardon da pun) nd its sights smells sounds etc will be comforting and familiar. So you can imagine just how much of a shock it was too our townie children and their wee faces & responses were priceless. Hopefully the animals will have recovered from their ordeal lol x


That is so funny - nearly p**d myself laffin!

It's always hilarious when you take small children out of their usual environment - they are always deeply suspicious.

My small grand daughter is a country child, quite at home with cows, chickens, sheep etc, but she is totally baffled by the noise and traffic of a large town.

After all that stress, I think you should try to relax by communing wiv nature!

>>>>>> runs away quick to avoid being throttled >>>>>


Hi Dixie,

what a great blog, made me laugh! I'm sure the animals have recovered, hope you do soon.

Memories are made of this!

Gentle hugs x


Hi to lady moth (choke choke throttle throttle) and the shadow glad you enjoyed the blog :-) yeah children are such a tonic and dey give us such entertaining moments and material for lasting memories. The farm trip was so far out of their comfort zone im shur some of em will grow up wiv animal nurosisis and phobias lol awww bless em. Have to say the fragrant smell of the animals will stick to me and with me for a while to come blasted fibro I forgot just how sensitive to lights colours sounds oh yeah and smells it makes me!!! Still bit green around da gills but no rest for the wicked cuz were taking 30 older children to lazerquest (think army type games wiv death by laser) im shur this will be fun!!! Stay tuned for the nxt post lol x


Great blog, great images! Sorry you're suffering for it, but keep laughing through! xx


this was so funny to read,it would make a great comedy movie! have a calm day indoors and don't go in the garden with any animals or children! xxx seriouslt,have a good day,you deserve it !


Hi avarose glad u enjoyed the blog :-) the weather in belfast is dismal rainy, stormy, blustery etc so theres no chance of any outdoor adventures 2day. Instead were going with plan B and taking 70 children ice skating and to an indoor adventure playground thankfully not an animal insight :-) some of the children are still recovering from their encounter with the farm animals and the main topic of discussion is centred on the size and smell of the animals. The girls in particular were soooo disappointed & I blame this on the new craze for teacup size animals like dogs and pigs!!!think most of the girls were hoping for wee miniture animals that wud fit and co-ordinate with their handbags lol didnt they get a shock :-000 x


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