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Fibro fog

One of the most annoying traits of fibromyalgia is the fibro fog. I suffer from mental illness too . The fog I like to call it brain fog . It's mostly just annoying . Although when it's mixed-up with the psychotic part of the things I deal with it is more like my brain is confused about life . I have a feeling of kind of like dissociation . If anyone can understand my post and has experienced this please let me know. And what you do about it.


Krazy girl

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I have PTSD so I understand about when in a fog getting things confused. I am lucky that I have a daughter to keep track of things for me. She has a tendency to say no mom that happened.... The only thing I can suggest is write things down. Keep a journal is my only suggestion. Maybe get a big calendar to keep track. Lots of hugs

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Ohhhhhh I so get you ....

I Live with it constantly, I too have a mental illness (bpd) I get words mixed up or just make new ones. I cant think deeply about anything, I drift off during a conversation with someone and they look at me like I am either mad or slow.

Its terrible.....

Hugs xxxx


Hi, how to explain fibro fog is I suppose confusing, pardon the pun. I am sitting there having a normal conversation and then in the next second I can't speak except giberish, my whole though process seems to be trying to get out of my brain. I sit there and I can see what's happening but in slow motion. I hear people but everything is compounding and mixed up I feel like and have screamed for all to leave me aloneiI cacannot concentrate it blinds my brain. I have mental illness but most of time controlled with meds. Fibro fog in summary for me is that an alien has borrowed my brain for a spell.

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I too suffer with Fibro Fog. No ones understands it, no one cares enough to Want to understand it.

I can be watching TV and suddenly say something unconnected to the program to my OH and he looks at me like 'what made you suddenly say that' I have no words to explain.

I feel so alone with this totally horrible condition, and if my OH says one more time, you could be so much worse off I'm going to scream. U.S. Who suffer from FM don't care that much about other people with their health issues we have enough of our own!

I have deep depression, if I cry then I get 'Best we stay home today' like a punishment

I've never felt so alone. I cry myself to sleep every single night.

There is no romance in my married life anymore, he clearly doesn't fancy me anymore just sees me as a winge bag.

Oh what to do now?

I feel so empty, my sister doesn't speak to me, my family never come round here and I feel embarrassed going out in wheelchair as I know for a fact my OH hates it. I mean why should he like it, he is embarrassed of me, put on weight etc, but that's down to medication and not being able to move as much.

Help me out of this bubble of Fibro Fog please


Hi very sorry to hear that you feel so low. I think that properly many on this forum can relate to have felt how you do at one time or another, or still do. I cannot. Advise you as not competent to do so. But sending you hugs xx


Thanks Cathy


Hi krazy-girl. I too suffer terribly with fibro fog, and also occasionally with depersonalisation-derealisation disorder with some aspects (although not the most extreme ones) of dissociative identity disorder. So you're not alone in this. it can be really upsetting. Luckily my "episodes" of derealisation don't tend to last more than a couple of minutes, but as you probably know, some weird stuff can happen in those few minutes. And no one else can possibly understand.


I get like that... For years was told it was side effects of psych meds or head trauma, dementia, etc.

It really doesn't matter where I got it, but what can I do? Smartphone capabilities make them useful in remembering appts, meds, directions, notes to serlf.

I also stopped worrying about what others think about me as I got back into my faith. Who I am in God's eyes matters most. And He lives me deeply. he loves all of his kids like that... So how can I worry about the little things

Confidence is sexy thing.. I'm not thin, young or too smart at times.. But man can I rock the room w a sense of humor, prayer, caring about others by volunteering... What gets taken away, I found assests to increase.

Lottie, I'm sorry you are in the dark right now.... Have your Dr check our meds BC that doesn't seem normal to cry that much., maybe something is off on the med or dosage... And get your happy butt outside a bit, remember you have friends here that have been and will maybe slide into depression again...

I wish you luck chickadee, big smoochies


Understand completely, I am just the same, at these times its like I can't be in this world one second longer,I shut myself down completely until it passes.


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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