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had enough

hi all just an update went to see gp yeaterday was feeling a lot stronger than i was on monday so i told her how i felt that she did not like me that she thought i was putting it on and that she did not beleive in fibro i think she was taken back then i said she had not helped me with other meds so the outcome was she was nice and gave me pregabalin so lets she what happens she said i can phone her if i need to speak to her she did also say she is not my friend she is my doctor which is fine because i would not want her for a friend her cucumber is stuck to far somwhere that i will not say but am sure you all know where lol anyway thank you for all your help just have to wait for another appt to take my gall bladder out now love and hugs to all x

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Glad you have at least got something to try out from GP. Yes I can relate to your struggles. I have been on Pregabalin and it did me some service in pain relief for quiet a few months after getting used to it and experimenting wwith dose (with guidance from GP). Its better to start low and gradually increase if dose needs to be higher. It didnt work for me long term but I know a few who it helps adequately. Good luck with new drug and well done for standing up to the folk who think they are God.

NN :)


Hi there, I had my gallbladder out a few years ago,I found the recovery time was just a couple of days,and felt great afterwards,no more stomach pain etc.

Also just wanted to say I started pregablin last night,first tablet I took was a dinner time,wasn't expecting any thing to happen after just one tablet,but hey,best might's sleep iv'e had in about 8 years.

I know it's early days yet but I am hopeing i will not get any rubbish side effects.

Hope you get some relief from the pregablin.

Take care Sandy.


Hi Jancrossstitch I am glad to here you got a positive result its a shame that you had to confront her to get the treatment you needed that seems to be the way of it with docs these days, I bet you feel better getting it off your chest too she will most certainly listen to you from now on good for you. hope your meds help and that you dont have to wait too long for your Gall bladder Op Hugs tou you Debbie xx


hi thank ou all for your comments i am glad that i stood up to her will let ou all know how new meds are doing hugs x


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