Hello everyone, i have missed you all so much

I havent been around for the past four weeks or so as my dongle died on me without warning. So i had to sign up again for a new contract so i decided to get wifi instead through sky. It has been like my right arm has been chopped. I couldnt even get onto facebook on my phone.

Anyway i hoe everyone is ok. I have so much happen over the six weeks that i could of told you all too lol.

hugs xxxx

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  • welcome bak hunni hope ur well to soft hugs tofty xxx

  • Thankyou, i am sorry i havent replied sooner but my internet is playing up. The man has came to fix it and he has said its my router so it will be a few more days before i get it back up and running properly. Its good to be back i just wish they would hurry up and sort it.

    hugs, kel xxxxx

  • so glad you back hun ,hope you are well :) look forward to chatting xxxxxx

  • hi howe are you have not seen you on here for a bit or havei just mossed your blogs lol love diddle xxx

  • Lynz, its still not working. I could just give up. I am managing to get it for now but it will go off. I need a new router hun. so it will proberbly be another few days. The man says i have brilliant signal aswell. OMG i am going to crack up lol. hugs, kel xxxx

  • welcome back x

  • Thankyou, i am sorry but my internet is still playing up so it will be a few more days until i get my new router it makes me so mad. hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi Jazher, good to have you back hope all is well soft hugs xx

  • Thankyou, sorry but its still playing up so it will be a few more days until i can come back properly. hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi Jaz, :)

  • Hi there, my router is playing up now so so i need to wait for a new one. I will be back soon. hugs, kel xxxx

  • Ohhhh mi jehzer kelly !! wandered where you been hiiiiding, ok so bit long for hide and seek and got a little fed up of looking lol ..well been busy busy anyways..

    Very pleased your back so tell wiffy to be good and not dangle off anywhere ;-)

    Please fill me in on your weeks off aswell.. you know where else i be too if not here xxxxxxx

    fluffly soft hugs xxx

  • Hi hun, my router is still playing up so i will be playing hide and seek (lol) for a few more days. What are you like haha. Sorry but i have only just got on while the man is here it will go off soon. :( I will be back properly soon, i hope.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Welcome back and hi.im a newbie on here.

  • Thankyou, i still cant get back on properly its doing my head in lol.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi Jazher, glad you are okay and its lovely to hear from you again. Take care, Angela xx

  • Thankyou angela,

    Its still playing up i have to wait for a new router now. :( I will be back properly soon.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Wecom back Jaz, have'nt been posting much myself too weak mostly but look over it daily, noticed you were'nt here, best wishes Claire xxx

  • Thankyou claire,

    I am sorry you are weak hun, i hope you feel better soon.

    Its my router that is playing up so i have to wait for a new one now. Arrrggghhhh lol.

    hugs. kel xxxx

  • hi and welcome back have missed seeing your mname on here lol you get used to seeing people and you miss them when theydisapper for a bit lol anyway glad you are up and running again love diddle xxx

  • Hi diddle,

    I have missed all your blogs, Its still playing up i need to wait for a new router now, it makes me so mad. I have manged to get on while the man is still here so i wont be back properly until i get my new router, hopefully not too long its driving me mad.

    hugs, kel xxxx

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