Hello all

Hello all

Hi all hope all is ok?

Sorry I haven't been on but wedding is all over now so more time to myself 😀 but in a way I miss having all the things to do. It was a beautiful day on Saturday for Mums wedding. Weather was perfect too. Couldn't ask for a better day really. Now they're on their honeymoon and I am missing her so much as where they are there's no signal. They're away for 2 weeks!


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  • Glad your Mum's wedding went off alright and the day was good, she will soon be back in the mean time you have us all here on the forum.

    Love & Hugs


  • What beautiful flowers.

  • Hey Em seems like ages you haven't been around. So glad the wedding went well. What beautiful flowers. She will soon be back Hun with all the great news of the honeymoon. Take care. Xxx

  • Really glad the day went well! Flowers are stunning xxx

  • Hi Em, glad the day went very well and the weather was kind to you.

    Two weeks will go in a flash, meanwhile we are here for you.

    The flowers are really lovely, if they are silk it is a wonderful keepsake and memory of the day.


  • So glad all went well

    Don't be lonely

    come on here and have a chat anytime

  • Thanks all means a lot 😀

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