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I am with the HSBC as is my daughter i got home and they hadleft an urgent message for her tocall them the fraud dept so she did it turns out alot of card numbers hacve been founfd to be cloned and one of them they think is hers so they wanted to shut down her card and re send her a new one in 7 days as they could have accessed her account she was not really happy asnow she cant get money fronm her account but she does work in town so she can pop in to the branch just a pain if you wan to go out thoufgh as she is going to snetterton for the weekend sio she will have to take cash with her

or she can transfer some money from her account to mine then go get it from hole in the wall so thats not so bad all will be sorted but like i said good job they called as she is due to be paid today and if they had got their hands on that she would have been unhappy but there you go i think it is good that they do that saves alot of heartache and stress

it is a bit inconvenient but there you go these things happen dont they

love tio you diddle xxxxx

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Diddle it sounds a bit dicey hope she didnt give any bank details out over phone! x gins


nio i called the bank direct before she got home from work tomcheck that it was a genuine call as there are so many scams and they said yes it was and no she did not give out any details untilshe knew they were geniune but thankyou for that as you never know do you love diddle xxxx


I bank with first direct similar thing card was with me in two days fingers crossed x


I don't know about anyone else but almost everyday there is at least one phishing scam purporting to be about my bank account in banks I don't have an account with in my email in-box &/or junk box - one day a couple of months back I had over 20 of them all at once!


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