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hull fc today

afternoon my lovely fibro friends hope you are all not to bad today? i am so so my head is in another world today, so painful, and aches and pains in all parts of the body but i am looking forward to going to watch my team win today (fingers crossed) we are season pass holders at hull fc xx i love my rugby it's 80mins of focusing on something else and it's special time with my lovely husband xx gentle hugs to all and enjoy your day as best as you can xx teresa xx

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hi teresa hope your team win my house is rugby mad too my husband & son live for rugby I hope you have a lovely day take care love beth x


enjoy , i have just watched rebecca adlinton swim it was amazing xx


i watched her to proud to be british xx and thanks you peeps we enjoyed the rugby and outr team won only just though xx was 2points in it til near the end and we tried and converted x


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