Today's successes? All reply :)

Hey Guys,

I wanna hear all of your successes ASAP :p Let's show each other that though we all struggle, we are still all very strong minded people :)

Today mine are: I was suggested by a lecturer to take part in a uni event and my uni disability support worker has suggested I appear in the uni mag - I feel privaliged by both :) Also, won a 25 quid voucher and saw my friends.

I didn't manage a shower or to get out of bed before midday. But my successes are more important.

Now off you go!

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  • mine was planting my pots for my patio i did 15 pots full of flowers xx

  • Wow, I'm sure your back and legs are killing you now! I'm impressed :) I haven't done garden work in years, not that I can say I've ever had much of an interest in it :) I love your name, I think of a lovely done rose tattoo on a ladies hip whenever I see it x

  • mine was baking my jubilee fruit cake and not buying a ready made one. I have done the marzipan and the icing and tomorrow I will get some union jack ribbon for the decoration.Also,done the housework,been shopping,cooked dinner and cleaned the kitchen. Not bad for a fibro person x

  • Sounds like you've had a marathon day. Be careful lol. But that cake sounds lovely :) I haven't done anywhere near what you've done, my poor boyfriend will probably ended up doing it.

  • I work as a fundraiser for my local hospice and today, despite my fibro and arthritic pain being pretty awful, I managed to walk down a busy local shopping street and get 20 local business to display a poster for an event I am running (maybe my walking stick got me the sympathy vote lol!). I really felt like I'd achieved something :)

  • Aww hun thats brilliant. Such a good cause as well, Hospices and Hospitals are such important places in our lives but not always up to the right standard. I can't believe you are doing a run.

  • Today we put our house on the market officially! This in itself is a victory for me as we wanted to try to sell the house last year but I wasn't well enough. I have now got myself back to pacing, my house is shining like a new pin ready for viewings and I have a lot more energy and the most wonderful thing is that I feel like me again! It's all down to pacing, getting my waking and sleeping pattern back on track, rest periods in between activities - woohoo! :) :) Here comes Summer! :) :)

  • Wow, you sound very very positive lol. Making me feel a lot more awake lol.

  • Made dinner for my parents.

    Looked after Dads catheter I flush his bladder out every day.

    lots of stretches

    this is great realy makes me feel a lot better thanks cxs957.

    Gentle soothing hugs


  • Made dinner for my parents.

    Looked after Dads catheter I flush his bladder out every day.

    lots of stretches

    this is great realy makes me feel a lot better thanks cxs957.

    Gentle soothing hugs


  • All sounds brilliant :) X x x

  • I spent the day with a 6 month old and a 3 year old, went to mother and toddlers & then spent most of the afternoon in the park :) xx

  • Hi, I had a lovely couple of hours helping out friends by babysitting for their three young kids, we had loads of laughs, story telling before bed and they were all tucked up out for the count when their mummy and daddy got home just after 9pm tonight. Loved every minute of their company, cuddles and innocence x

  • managed to drag myself to cardiac appt that i have been to exgausted to go to for a month an drained and sore now but hey i did it without my wheelchair yesssssss another day coped with

  • I volunteer with Macmillan and went to visit a lady who I am supporting throught her cancer journey and we had a good chat and we even went shoping for 20mins.

    and then I did a hospital visit to another person I am buddying through their cancer journey and even managed to get some shopping in so a good day for me .

  • i volunteer for a dog site, and they have made me rescue coordinator, and last night i had someone bring me a dog that has bites all over it, and today i found a foster home for it.

  • aw poor dog glad you found it somewhere safe :)

  • Going to post it anyway but have had an epiphany! I think that can be counted as a big success. Also cancer tumours still shrinking - big success.. Smaller successes, I never managed a shower before the hospital but did manage a good wash and I did get there which I was scared I wouldn't.

    I really think this is such a good idea cxs (was going to call you 'hen' there which is the term of endearment for al younger women from older women but decided I should scroll back to your name because people either loves it or hates it - comes from chick as in young female laying hen I think). I wish wish we could have column for daily successes which we would all read every day I'm sure and add to every day we could!

    Whippet x

  • Glad to hear about your success with the shrinking brilliant news, I'm sure you're chuffed, must be hard though, makes me feel selfish for my own worries,

    My sucessess for today, was keeping my spirits up, and not disparing though everything that's happened to me lately has screamed at me, 'why bother'. I believe if you try and keep positive, everything will eventually come out right, improve anyway, sorry folk that's the only brilliant thing I've done today.

    Gentle hugs

    Claire xxxx

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