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Hi everyone, feeling very nervous as today is my Tribunal for ESA. This has taken 2 years from when I first claimed back in 2014. Never dreamt it would take all this time. I've really struggled for 2years on just £73 a week. So I'm keeping everything crossed for a good outcome today or tomorrow I will be forced to find myself a job, and I havnt done that in 20years because of my fibro. Something somewhere just isn't right .

Anyway wish me luck everyone xx

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  • I hope all goes well have you asked about ESA reg 35 to be placed in a support group due to your medical condition if you Google it that will exsplane the rule

  • Oh I'll google that now x

  • Hiya

    Yes please read or print out if you can reg 29 and 35 if you only have Fibromayia not making light of it you will fit into speacial regulations 29 more than 35.

    If you suffer from head fog with the fibro you will come under both.

    Ifact if things are,t looking good ask them to explain if they know about these rules and explain why you wouldn,t fit into them.

    If they don't know anything about them ask them to look them up and read them before making a decision.

    Everything crossed for you good luck


  • Good luck, I hope it goes well. :-)

  • Good luck hope all goes well x

  • Sending positive thoughts your way.

  • Good luck, remember your worse days, and if you're unable to do anything reliably, repeatedly, slowly and the impact of that on your health say so, and if this leads to serious decline in health give examples. Hope this is helpful.


  • Good luck to s happened to my OH as they said they had insufficient medical evidence vand wanted all his records the first time he went to Tribunal. If it is any encouragement they changed his points from Zero to 18.

    By the way remember you might be observed from as far away as the approach to the building.

    Do look at that reg as he was allowed to give additional evidence on the day because if the time lapse. Fingers crossed.x

  • Bailey13, Wishing you the very best outcome you could hope for. I hope all goes well.Peck ☺

  • Good luck... i hope you get the right outcome x

  • Good Luck Bailey,

    I feel for you and really do hope you have a positive outcome!

    Laura... :)

  • Wish you a good outcome. Hugs Liz

  • Well it's 4-50 I really hope it's all behind you now.

    I hope you won your case, please let us know how it went, and what Went on,what they did and what they asked you, while its fresh into your mind please.

    I might be heading that way myself.

    Many thank for any info you have.


  • Well first of all thanku all for ur comments. I'm very happy to say it went my way. In my intitial assessment I scored 0 points but today they gave me 18. I have been put in the work related activity group . I'm very tired it's been a long day but I believe it was well worth talking to CAB and coming on here to get help & support . So thanku all very much xx

  • Congratulations my friend! x :)

  • Well done.  Rest well.


  • Thanku x

  • Brilliant!  

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