Is going from getting no sleep to wanting to sleep all the time normal. Is it Fibro related?

Hi all have been coming to this site since being dx in Feb of this year.

One of my usual complaints is lack of sleep. However these past few days/ nights I seem to be sleeping the clock around & never feel refreshed.

Is this something else I am going to have to go to my uninterested Docs or will it pass?

Luv & hugs


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  • i got diagnosed in march , i dont sleep but this week i want to sleep all the time and i have no energy x

  • Thanks Rosehip that is just how I feel too.

    Luv & hugs

    Jackie xx

  • Jus-Jac what you are experiencing is a classic symptom of having Fibromyalgia unfortunately. We don't tend to get enough "restorative sleep" to feel refreshed. We either seem to sleep constantly or struggle to sleep at all. Also during a Fibro flare our sleep and rest seems to go haywire making us more exhausted and we don't tend to sleep well, it's Catch 22 sometimes.

    It's worth mentioning it to your GP so they keep abreast of your condition and symptoms. Also it might be that your meds need reviewing and this can be done at the same time.

    The danger of sleeping "all the time" is that we actually become more tired and more exhausted. It becomes a vicious circle that we need to break. This is where pacing comes into the equation. If we try to keep out of our beds as much as possible during waking hours, this helps us redefine our days. If we try to introduce a small activity (something like hoovering one room) and then make sure we rest for say 20 minutes before doing another activity (unloading the dishwasher or washing the dishes by hand) and then resting again for 20 minutes. By doing this we are re-programming ourselves not to rely on our beds. Slowly by doing this method and introducing more activities with regular rest periods we will have more energy, manage our pain better and be able to sleep better and wake at an acceptable time too. It takes a while to master, but it works, I did it! :)

    Hope this helps. :)

  • Thanks a lot Libbydee, I do a lot of pacing as I have learnt that the hard way.

    Re my Docs reviewing my meds is a joke. I'm no longer on any except paracetamol I buy over the counter. Doc has weaned me of Tramadol as they should never have prescribed it to me as I am on Venlafaxine for depression & the two dont mix. I ended up ill from too much seratonin in me. So they say there is nothing else she can prescribe until I'm down frim 300mg Venlafaxine to 37.5mg & agrees that I'll have to stay on BP med. Anyone on Venlafaxine could tell how bad it is coming off them even via Docs treatment, its been tried with me before, the withdrawal is horrendous, I was almost hosputalized & had my doseage upped further by a physciatrist.

    I am so frustrated by everything. I am going to move surgeries but after reading something on here about someone & their ESA appeal it has made me think again. I do need ti stay with thus Doc as she knows my history & is furious that I recieved zero points. She is on ky side that way where as a new GP would not know me enough to give whatever is required at an appeal.bI dont know anything about it as I've never gone through it befire & I am trying not ti think of it until I get the date.

    I know I have rambled on here & you are right. I think I will go back to her & tell her I cant do this with Paracetamol alone. Last wknd my pain to me felt so bad I was almist for goung to A&E but did'nt, they have enough to do. I'm trying to keep as mobile as possible. Howevere these past few days I am so tired & can sleep it almost feels like a blessing however its not a good sleep & still wake sore & tired.

    Thank you again.

    Luv & hugs

    Jackie xx

  • keep trying with different meds i am sensitive to many and have bad reactions has taken 18mths to get the right mix so keep on with your doc but yes i too have this sleep pattern the thing I have learnt is not to beat myself up over it have a small nap in afternoon and this helps to keep me ticking over xx

  • Thank you willowpoodle

    I've been back at Docs and they have givem me Amyitriptaline for pain & to help me into a better sleep pattern. However she is still going on about how much better exercise will be for the pain etc & should help with the moods & fatigue. Grrrrr I would'nt mind the exercise if I was'nt in pain & feel this wave of tiredness.

    Thank you

    Luv & hugs


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