Is going gluten free worth all the hassle?

I have read several posts saying they have gone GF and it has helped. I have CFS with a query of FM and would like my life back to a degree. If it's not toilet issues (IBS) it's the exhaustion so I cant win. I am working part time but being nagged to stop work by my GP, OT and physio but currently still resisting that idea having cut down to two days worked with a rest (drop nearly dead!!!) day in between. Suggestions please?

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  • Hi wenjay, I tried going Gluten free some time ago and it did nothing for me. I too felt exhausted all the time (aside from my FM and ME), sounds weird I know, but I have recently tried cutting out carbs. I have lost 9lb, first weight loss in some 7 years and I feel great. It does not change the FM or ME or my other aliments, but It has certainly helped me. That horrible bloated lethargic feeling has gone.

    Jaxx :)

  • It completely depends if you are gluten intolerant or not. Not everyone with Fibro, ME, CFS or IBS is gluten intolerant and benefits from being gluten free but it is certainly worth finding out and a proper exclusion diet is the best way to do this.

  • Hi

    I don't know If I need a gluten free diet but I have cut out bread

    Some times I have one slice a week chip sandwich can't resist,

    I don't eat ice cream or cream and not to,much fruit, no cold slaw

    Or any dressings that have cream in it, biscuits only one some times

    It was making my life allful this IBS

    So I just sat down and thought about my food and what I felt

    Made me worse, I think we all,have some ideas and cut out

    Those foods

    I am so very much better, it's not easy cutting things out

    We all tend to rely on things like bread, but if you can't do

    Without tesco does fresh bread that is not bad. Which is gluten

    Free I am not sure it is gluten for me it's lots of things.

    Just try cutting things out and see if it improves

    You soon get used to a different diet and if you are like

    Me you will feel so much better and get some of your life


    Love and good luck viv

  • I am a coeliac so therefore GF but not by choice, personally I can't imagine anyone going gluten free by choice as gluten is everywhere even on yogurts and things you wouldn't imagine. I f you are a chosen gluten free diet follower then you are amazing as I have no choice in the matter its no fun and the bread is nasty even as toast. Gone off the GF diet occassionally as we all need a treat and haven't found my symptoms, other than the tiredness and IBD, alter so its totally your choice speak to your doctor and get refered to a dietician as they should be able to help you xx

  • Hi WEnjay, before I went to visit my Sister in the States I took the decision to try some gluten free products and not eat anything containing gluten, I felt so different.

    I told my GP and she said I could be tested, but I would need to go back to eating normally first, so thats what I am looking at doing. x x xx

  • Why bother if you are feeling better, if you start to eat the things

    You used to eat you will feel bad again

    Unless you can get some food on a prescription which for some

    Complaints I know you can is it worth feeling I'll again just to give

    Your illness a name.

    Love Viv

  • My IBS was so bad I couldn't go out of the house. I asked my GP for a blood test to see if I was allergic to anything but he could only test me for one thing. He asked me what I might be allergic to, I couldn't think of any specific food at the time but told him it could be wheat. The blood test came back positive. I stayed off wheat and my IBS was moderately controlled but then I looked at other foods. I think dairy makes my IBS worse as well so I cut this out together with alcohol and my symptoms have improved enormously. Of course sometimes I slip back and get all the bad symptoms but that's like with anything if you cant have it you want it more so we have to indulge now and again.

  • Hi

    Thank you to all of you for sharing your thoughts with me. I do appreciate it. I am not coeliac so don't have to go gluten free but several people have forwarded the idea to me which was why I asked the question. I think I will give it a go and see if it does make a difference. if anyone else has any ideas or suggestions I would be grateful.

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