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Is it normal to sleep so much?


I have restless sleep in night take my kids to school cme home then sleep till 230 pm get kids then sleep after teatime i sleep pain away as i dnt know what else to do new to this fybro since March this year

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fatigue and poor sleep patterns can be - I know I have times like that.

I'm the same new to it too. I always feel like a disco nap during the day. I usually set an alarm to try and keep a routine. I need so much more sleep, sometimes I can't wake no matter how many alarms I set. It's worth it if it helps the pain. I picked up an anti fatigue multi vitamin from Holland & Barrett that helped its called Floradix it does give me more energy. :)

Hi marypopins

I am so sorry to read that you are having this experience with broken sleep and fatigue. I have pasted you a link below to the FibroAction web page relating to symptoms of Fibro. It looks at fatigue as a symptom of Fibro, so I hope that you find it useful:

It may help to discuss this situation with your GP, as it could be that some of your medications contain ingredients that are affecting your sleep pattern or causing fatigue and sleep issues. At least your GP will be aware of the issue if you tell him, and maybe he can offer some help with the problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hey Mary ... I know exactly what u mean I new to it too and finding hard to accept adjusting daily to it ... I do exactly the same when I am not at work I sleep .. Mainly during the day as pain sometimes keeps awake in night ... All I can say is as I was told . Rest when u can if that's during the day then do it your body is telling u it needs it ... Then atleast by the weekend when kids aRe home u will have bit more energy with them ... That's what I try and do .. Speak to friends too let them know how u feel if u don't want to keep sleeping during the day get them round for coffee and chat to keep u awake and then maybe by bed time u may sleep . It all a learning curve at the minute as u know .. I will say this site is great being able to talk to others and see how they deal daily .... How old are ur children they know and understand anything that u have said ... Kids are great help if u let them .. Xx keep chatting


I'm the same guys. Some days I don't even feel like getting out of bed! I could sleep for 24 hours quite easily! XX

TheAuthor in reply to sue32

I can really relate to that sue! I am an insomniac and I always feel exhausted.

Take care

Ken x

sue32 in reply to TheAuthor

Oh Ken, it's awful ain't it?? I wonder how anyone could possibly feel tired and lethargic constantly. I'm sure people don't believe me when I tell them or I yawn early in the morning!!! XX

TheAuthor in reply to sue32

I know! I feel like I want to sleep around the clock. Then the moment it is time to sleep I wake up!

Take care

Ken x

i am sorry Mary but its normal for a lot of fibro suffers exhaustion and fatigue and litterly not being able to keep your eyes open often a nap in the afternoon will get you through try to put an alarm on though or you keep on sleeping and then sleep badly night times

Wow, been there, one that and currently wearing the T-shirt!

Diagnosed three years ago and still having sleep issues. When I mentioned it to the doctor, all he said was that this condition is similar to ME and CFS so it was part and parcel of what to expect and the best we can do is take the right medication and manage it as best we can.

So, from one foggy sleepy head to another, do everything you can to improve your sleep at night - I find that Amytriptiline has been extremely beneficial. That in turn will mean you don't feel that urgent need to sleep as much during the day - notice I say 'as much', instead of 'at all'.

Wishing you refreshing sleep and better management skills

Yes sweetheart, sometimes our bodies kind of shut down and we are chronically tired. It's normal for us with fibro. Hope it passes soon. We do get some good days but never enough. xxx Mitzi

Hi Marypopins,

I'm pretty much the same, although most mornings my partner has to get up with my son and get him ready for childcare because I just can't move when I wake up initially. Was so happy yesterday that I managed to get up with my son and get him dressed and lunch sorted etc and go with him to drop him off, but then got back to the house and was completely done in and had to go back to bed for hours.

Sometimes I struggle more with the fatigue than the actual pain, but I get that you're sleeping through the pain and seems like you're trying to waste the hours away until your kids come home. I understand that, but I know for myself anyway that I have to be careful not to do that too much or I just make myself more depressed about the situation.

I hope you get some relief from the fatigue, maybe your GP can give you something better to help control the pain?

And I hope you have supportive friends and family, and all us lot are here if you need to unload :-)

I'm still new to this forum and it's already helped me feel much better because I don;t feel alone in it all, and I'm blessed by the person my partner is.

Gentle hugs,

Jess xx

Hi Marypoppins, I have fibro and m.e/c.f.s and I do exactly that, u am under a private dr for adrenal fatigue, so it might be worth doing a test, 24hr saliva test, which will test your cortisol levels, you wld have to do it privately though as surprise surprise the nhs only acknowledge Addison's :-( Xx I take amitriptilyn at night and it has stopped me waking during the night in pain, but everyone reacts differently, tho might be worth asking your dr!

Keep strong Hun take care xxAngelxxx

Hi marypopins,

my physio explained it to me like this - imagine you are constantly being poked by a stick - that would a) make you tired, b) stop you sleeping, c) make you irritable, d) stop you being able to concentrate and e) affect your memory

he said that with some conditions, like fibro, the pain signals are firing all the time, to varying degrees, and that leads to all of the above symptoms because your brain is constantly bombarded - like being poked with a stick :-)

I can only offer the same advice - grab sleep when you can, make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals ( and as I have learnt here, for some of us the RDA food guidelines are not enough by far - so check wiht your doc, he may prescribe some vitamins / minerals to you), drink plenty of water, as even if you are not physically active, your nerves and muscles are from all the pain signals, and enjoy the good times :-)

sending you Big Gentle Hugs,


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