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all i want to do is sleep,

my fibro has seem to taken a turn for the worse, ihave had this heavey head felin, headache, feelin nauseaus, and all i want to do is sleep, can some one tell me if thsi heavy head feelin and the nauseaus feelin is jusst to do with fibro, i have i,b,s too and had a attack of it last nie, like i said b4 fibro is an invisable illness. wish sometimes we had a badge to warn people we not well, x

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Greetings Sandycat,

I also get the heavy head but also get it with a really odd heaviness and tiredness in my chest. When I get this, I have no choice but to sleep. I don't get out much so I can.

I also have ibs and I think the fact that we are losing any nutrients we take in before the body absorbs them is a big factor.

I'm also getting to the point where I think only other fibro patients understand what we go through. No amount of explaining or asking people to read info helps. They soon forget and as we look normal we are expected to act/perform as normal.

I don't anymore. If I can't cook. I don't cook, same goes with all household chores. I hate living in a mess but my body will barely allow me to move these days

Good luck and blessed love xxx


Hi Sistabless, My house too dont get cleaned like i used to do it, my daughters do help but one is 19 and workin full time,, the other 14 and at school. the younger one earns her pocket money by helpin me, but i really dont think they nor my partner can really see wat i go through each day, i live in hertfordahire, do u know of any fibro meetings we can go to, i dont really go out that much as i also have osteoarthritis in my knee, so wat with that and the fibro i am suposed to use a walkin stick, but i am too embarssesd. xxx


Hi Sandycat

This is a link to fibro groups in the Uk. I live in east London and there are no groups local to me. I may think about starting one next year if the winter doesn't get me!

I have osteoarthritis in my feet and have been using a stick for over a year. I have one with an ergonomic handle as the normal one caused pain in my hand.

Please don't feel embarassed about using something that may help you. I'm not 40 yet (next month but whose got the energy to party?) and had to buy a mobility scooter off Ebay. I get funny looks and people must think I'm lazy but I'm past caring. Only you know how you feel and what your body is capable of. We have to learn to put our own feelings first but as a mother I know its hard. My daugher is 19 and won't even talk to me anymore. She's at uni out of London and I don't see her in the holidays. Its upsetting but her behaviour was unacceptable and she had to be told so. I don't think teenagers have a clue about the feelings of other!!!

My partner doesn't understand either. He's getting a bit better but still gets moody if I don't cook Sunday dinner etc. When we met I was a bit of a workaholic/party animal and now I can't even go for a drink. I know life has changed for him as well but hey, whose feeling the pain?

Remember you're not alone and do what you need to do for you

Take care xx


i feel for you hun my hubby is the same my legs are bad at the moment i can hardly walk my kids are busy too with there own familes. im only 57 & feel like 97, ive put off having a stick as yet but might be heading in that direction... i also have just moved into a second floor flat oops mistake.. should of gone for ground floor but once ive climbed the four little flights of stairs i love it.. i was on a narrow boat for five yrs... hope you feel a bit better soon suwie


i dont get heavy head but i do empathise with wanting propr nice restful slepp

guess i can dream!


the heavy head feeling and nausea could be migraine , another fibro add on its difficult to say if you are concerned have a chat with your GP HUGS X


i get the shakes with a dizzness now ive got legs that dont want to move but i get the heads & sick feeling all the time so i think its the fibro myself & ive jusy learnt to live with it but sometimes i wish i didnt have it but yes i agree we should have a badge cause you cant see how porly we are & other ppl dont understand what its like all my children included ... theyre so busy with there own lives & when i say im not well they just say you never are ... so its a vicious cylcle were in hugs to you hope you feel well soon xx


I get and have the lot and more, leg muscles give way many times during a day and my hubby cannot understand why or how I sleep so much. I have severe fibro and CFS and i have to really pace myself. I have to go in for surgery on my knee in November and 2 days later I am supposed to be going to see Lionel Richie with a girlfriend.............. errrrr

Keep smiling if you can and remember we are all in this together!!!!!


If you are going to set up a group I live very near to East London and would be I treated in joining. I have had Fibromyalgia for 25 years and feel very alone. I will keep an eye open to see if you do start a group.


Thank you everyone for your lovely replys, may we should all come up with a badge so we can wear it with pride, xx


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