DLA Am i entitled?

I applied for DLA a few months ago and i was denied. Not long after this i got a work placement doing 28 hrs a week (7 hr shifts) i found this very difficult and ended up unable to do anything at the weekends my body was exhausted and i just stayed in bed. I was given a temp job and now doing 4 hr shifts which i find better. I was wondering if anyone knows if i am entitled to DLA as i don't think i can physically do a full time job and part time don't provide enough money for day to day living??

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  • AS I understand it DLA is paid regardless of whether you work.It's for things that will make a disabled persons life easier eg taxis,care,aids etc.

  • Thank you..

  • well done for holding down a job. Whatever happens don't stop working. Over the last ten years I have given up everything and wish now I had fought harder to keep going. I am not sure if it's worth your while applying for DLA as the government are about to dissolve this benefit. You would be entitled to it though as it is not means tested. It is though extremely hard and complicated to claim, but you should be able to get help with your claim (CAB or your council will direct or help you) and you should not let this put you off if you feel you are entitled to it. Good luck. Brigitte

  • Thanks I was very worried about getting a job but now the hours are right it's actually helping me keep my mind of the crap for a few hours a week

  • Not being nosey..but how do you manage money wise?..xx

  • Hiya! The answer is yes, you can apply for DLA and you are best to do it now, online, filling it in as your worst day. This benefit isn't being dissolved, but changed to Personal Independence Payments (PIP), but if you claim for DLA now and get an award, this will mean that you are at the bottom of the list for the one to one assessment for the change over, which could be as late as 2016 if all goes to the DWP's plans. DLA isn't means tested, so you can still work without fear of it being taken away, but there is the likelihood that your award will be reduced when it changes to PIP. There are only to be two rates in two catagories for PIP and as yet the amounts have not been confirmed, but as all of the welfare reforms are about saving the government money, it's fair to say that they will be less than DLA. The DWP have made noises that some people on DLA may get more on PIP, but I doubt it very much!!!

  • I think you will find if you read the Governments proposal PIP is a totally different benefit and therefore DLA will no longer be there......in other words dissolved.

  • yes and do it now but 1st ask admin for the benefit & works info.

    get letters of support from gp and consultants - ask them to send them to you for your appeal pack [make copies] .

    - fill in the health conditions list and give them a copy to help them write the letters.


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