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DLA and Mobility

Hello Everyone

I have just been reading though all the questions and blogs regarding DLA and Mobility and I have a question, If any can answer it if me?

I was getting the above for about 4 years till 2009. Then it was stopped. I was sent to court for fraud and had to do 120 communty service and pay the money back and on top of that I had the embaressment of having my nameand picture in the local paper.

I lost my job that I had for 16 years because of my Fibro.

My question is::: Why if I have Fibro, Hypothyriodism, Hypertention, Asthma, and now Raunards desease should this have happened if we are entited to it

My medications are as follows Morphine, thyroxine, ventaline, seratide, lastrine, parsetmol and veramole ( sorry for thee spelling )

Any Ideas

Love to all my fellow suffers

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Thank you for the reply what would you like to know Christine


Hi Christine

yes they said not in so many words that I did not need help because I do not have pain all the time or need help all the time I filled the form in as i was told to " as Ifelt on a bad day " Since bein dx with fibro I have change my car to automatic, I ahve a extra rail on the stairs and I sometimes use a walking stick all this was mentioned in court but basicall because the morphine sometimes allowed me to live a "normal" life they deemed that i dont need it


My GP wrote to the DWP and I had the support of friends who wrote stating the pain that i was in But other than that I dealt with it alone with the support of my partner I did appeal twice but no good I am thinking of appling again Mainly for help with mobility eg car tax .what do you think Christine. The only problem i have is will it happen again ?


Thanks a lot Christine i will certainly lookminto that I will speak to you in the future xx


it's a joke and as a sufferer NO ONE sympaphises with the condition..we don't choose to be like this..but because your outer appearance seems normal then there's a stigma to your complaint...I have just got the D.L.A FORMS and bined's a joke!!! 54 pages each one and by what i see plenty more cases getting why do all the right things in this country as a National and you are screwed over...I sympaphise with your case..but there you go...wish we could inject these people with what we suffer with 24 hours a day..they may be more empaphetic..But I bet they would manage to retain there benefits...Regards.......P.S. sorry for spelling it's part of the condition got worse Grrrrrrrrr......Mr Angry!


Hi Kriss,I filled in DLA forms on the net,in fact its called emergency claim.I found it quick and easy,the only thing is remember to print the completed forms when you have finished.They say yo will hear from them within 8 weeks,in the 8th week I heard I had been turned down,I have now requested a review,which can take upto 11 weeks,if I am turned down again then I go to appeal which will take at least another 8 weeks,so emergency claim is not quite the right thing to call it.Please fill them in,you know you are entitled so dont give up.This is my 2nd time of claiming,and I shall carry on claiming even if it takes 100 more claims to get what I am entitled to.Keep your chin up Kriss,and keep claiming,dont let the buggers win!!!


Hi Patrisha

So sorry to read about your ordeal. Sending you all best wishes with a new claim


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