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Well i have finally filled in my DLA form where the cut off date is 28th july ha. Just kept looking at it on the table and cudnt bring my self to fill it in, now i have and i think whats the use, felt so down hearted filling it in telling the truth. I thought god whoever reads this report will think iam a crack-pot lol,but the medical team dont know what its like Ive had a really bad week not being able to get out of bed being asleep, and soooo much pain, today is the only day ive had thats been good but whatch out tomorrow ill be back to normal. Sorry for my bit rant .

Gentle Hugs To All Paula xxx

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Hi Paula

Best of luck to you with fingers crosses your forms being passed for DLA. As far as I know it takes around 3 months for it all to come through, earlier if you are rejected so have patince & try not to dwell on it in the meantime. They do let you know from time to time whats happening along the way.

I hope you get it.

Luv & hugs

Jackie xx


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