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DLA declined

gutted that they have sent me a declined not cos they said no but because of why. They obviously dont read the forms sent in properly they said no because

-can get in and out of bed ..... yes with the aid of cruches and my bed is in the lounge

-manage your toilet needs...... yes with bad days having to degrade myself to ask my hubby to help me off the toilet

-wash and dry yourself..... in a sink that is smaller than a mixing bowl in a down stairs toilet which takes forever due to pin standing

-get up and down stairs ........ this is the biggest laugh i havent managed the stairs in at least 5 months i live in the lounge and they think thats ok

-getting in and out of chair ....... ive just bought an electric chair cos its degrading asking someone else to help you up when you want or need to move

-during night dont need help with toilet needs....... this is plain degrading as have been known to wet before reaching toilet due to not wanting to shout my hubby from his bed in the night

to top it all they dont think i need motivating as this is all normal and not depressing for a 37 year old who untill oct last year was fit and well and always out and about now i am virtually stuck in my lounge, it sucks

sorry to vent on here but im so frustrated and i know you will understand where im coming from as lots of you are going through the same

gentle hugs everyone xx

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I didn't know the DWP only employed people who can't read ! That's how it feels though because they sure don't read the answers on their forms.

My advice would be to tell them you want to appeal, immediately . Keep copies of forms you fill in and challenge them if they've reported your answers incorrectly.

Don't let them win, they have obviously gotten it wrong and need to be told so.

Hugs for you.



i agree with helen appeal, challenge their reasons, they are obviously wrong, sending you gentle hugs at this difficult time x.


i called them straight away and she asked what i wanted them to do !! she said can send in more info from someone who helps me so my hubby going to right a letter to advise all the things he has to do. Its degrading enough that he has to do them without having to write them in detail for people who carnt even read the stuff sent in first time properly. they really know how to add tress to a condition that is made worse by it

thanks for the comments xx


oh and im defo going to appeal !!


Their customer service skills leave a lot to be desired bumble and they are singularly unhelpful at times.

When your hubby writes to them make sure he emphasises your worst days and just how much help he has to give you.

You're right, it is degrading and it's horrible when you see it all written down . I know sometimes you feel like just giving up but they can't be allowed to rob you of something you're entitled to, and the small amount of money they dole out to us does at least give us a degree more comfort.

Really, really good luck to you and gentle hugs



Hi there my whole claim was not read by them and i told them so, they tried to drop me down to lower rate when i knew they had not read a word of my claim!!!, i appealed and they made a decision on my claim be4 they gave me a date so i didnt have to go, i was rewarded what i was on for past 6 years!! it is so stressful and fustrating,

i hope you get it sorted, hugs xxx


try and get a letter of support from your family doctor. if possible get someone else, ie doctor, nurse etc. to also write in what your husband does for you.


Hi it is really bad that you have written down your daily routine yet they seem to think this is not enough to quality there criteria ????? who decides this?????? i am speecless i really am love to you diddle x


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