Well today I am confirmed as having fibro and also my xras show I have degenerative spondulitus in m neck. Have been told to be careful and have to tell my job so that they are aware. my snoring/possible sleep apnea could be due to me being overweight so I am going to see if can lose weight first and then hopefully it will ease if notI have to go to sleep clinic.I'm in a bit of a feeling sorry for myself moment xx

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  • hi be nice to yourself for a small time, and then be yourself again ..

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • I would like to re iterate what Lexie has said

    Soft Hugs x x x

  • Thankyou guys xxx

  • you are hereby allowed to feel sorry for yourself! Tell people I said so. Seriously, if I didn't have times when I "go with my feelings" I would burst!

    soothing hugs, sandra

  • Thanks Sandra xxxx

  • Ah bless you Debs, don't be too hard on yourself, take it easy and then think about making changes when you feel ready. :)

  • Thanks Libby, you are right, I think once things are in prespective and I know how to deal with it and adapt around it, it won't feel so bad xx

  • It will get easier Debs, hang on in there! :)

  • Xxx

  • ive just been to sleep clinic as snore and stop breathing its not always to do with being overweight ,im a few pounds overweight but its not the reason why i have sleep apnea and also with fibro and everything else its hard to loose the weight as we dont move as much as we used to

  • hello. hope your not in too much pain today,. i was wondering what was wrong with me for years and then i got told about fibro. now im trying to find out as much as i can about it. my problem is, i've just moved back to the town i used to live in. call it settleing back to my roots. and yes anyways. because i've recently moved after being homeless for a long time. i've asked the new doctor to arrange an appointment with a specialist at the local hospital and the doctors are dragging their heels a bit. i've got to go and pick up yet another repeat prescribtion, so ill book yet another appointment. so thats my day planned out for me.

  • you are soo allowed at this moment to feel like that then once feeling a little more yourself just try and be as much as yourself as can be but be aware of what can trigger things off and be super gentle what ever you do welcome to the world of fibro my lovely and what a great group you are in xxxxx take care lovely gentle huggs xxx and don't waste all your spoons use sparingly ( some where on here is a story of a lady and her spoons a great read and sooo spot on xx

  • Hi I have fibro and also spondyloisis in my lower back I have had the

    Spondyloisis for 17 yrs but remember feeling really sorry for myself I was working

    At the time but after the birth of my daughter had to stop as it had got worse

    Then 5 yrs ago was told I also have fibro it takes time to

    Get your medication right and I have to pace myself now which is

    Hard as I want things done the same day but have to now do what

    I can and ask for help which is new to me as I always liked helping

    Others it does get easier as you learn what you can and can't do but for now just

    Let it stink in and be kind to yourself and don't be shy to ask for

    Help I send you love and soft hugs xxxxx

  • Thanks Teresa, so glad I found this group,trying to feel positive but feel like crying, ui think the citalopram are really being tested atm. But I've cleaned the bathroom, going to have a shower, get my washing out an get on my sewing machine, have four days off work so going to be kind to myself and chill to the max, well that's the plan lol, xxx

  • Hi debs just sending love and gentle hugs,hope you feel better soon, take care xxx.

  • Hello hunnie, thank you xx

  • Not long after being diagnosed with Fibro I was also diagnosed as having cervical spondylosis. A while later I was walking down a hilly street and I was in absolute agony and in tears by the time I got to the bottom, turns out I've also got it in my lumbar spine (the pain walking down hill was classic symptom). Shortly after that it appeared in my thoracic spine too! I try not to take painkillers during the day as they tend to knock me for 6 but when I took them last night in an endeavour to get some sleep I ended up still awake at 0500 hrs!

    I was tested at the sleep clinic for sleep apnoea but they said it was inconclusive (might be something to do with the fact that the person in the room opposite kept ringing for the nurses and kept me awake). Nothing has been done about it since and that was over a year ago even although it's still happening. Must admit I'm needing to lose some weight as well but it's been harder than I thought to get it shifted due to lack of mobility.

  • Hi debs how did they confirm spondylitis? I have major low back problems, pain, stiffness and agony if I do most anything 'normal' like cleaning, cooking, lifting a small baby. I have OA in knees and dx cfs in march this yr then fibro in April but nobody has done anything about my back for years. I saw a pain dr about 6 yrs ago who mentioned something to do with the sacroiliac joint and had injections but they didn't help. I've read about ankylosing spondylitis and feel sure this could be the prob but my last dr wasn't helpful and I'm seeing a new one today to ask what I can do xx

  • Hi. l to have cervical spondilitus,l broke my neck in 2 places,they mended that with wires and metal plate,then the spondilitus was sooooo bad,they did an operation called a clowerds,cut my throat,Pushed everything aside and went into my neck spine that way,took bone off my hip and packed it in,the relief lasted about 12 months,l am still going hospital even though l broke my neck 25 years ago,nothing makes it better when its real bad and there is no cure,25 years of only ever sleeping on my front and about 14 hours sleep A WEEK.,its been hard work just to keep going,good luck and hope it doesnt get too bad.xx

  • Good morning my lovely ... so sorry re your diagnosis but you have support on here and on other sites.

    Be kind to yourself take some " Me time " and learn to relax... one small goal each day will help.

    Enjoy the sun and its healing powers..

    sending you a welsh hug


  • tender hugs xxxxxx

  • Get a bit of sunshine Debs, it makes us feel brighter and also helps with those Vitamin D levels too! :D

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