Fibromyalgia has ruined my sleep. I am awake all day and night abd sleep for about 3 hours a day made up of 20 minutes here and 35 minutes there, sometimes I get as much as an hour. In the last few months it has got to the point where I was falling asleep standing up. I was texting a friend and the next thing I knew the sound of my telephone hitting the floor woke me up. I went to see my GP because I was becoming a danger to myself [I was scared in case this happened outside or if I was in the kitchen and could possibly burn, scald or cut myself].

I had read about melatonin and mentioned it to him. This is a restricted drug [even though you can buy it easily over the internet] and he has given me one month's supply to try and regulate my sleeping - even if it is just sleeping at night would do me. The problem I have is that it is working a little too well. I go to bed, take my tablet approx 2 hours later I am fast asleep but I am waking every 2 hours and this continues all day. I am so tired all I want to do is sleep. I don't mind if this is just the 'norm' whilst my body gets used to the Melatonin but I don't know. Is there anyone who has taken melatonin to help regulate your sleep? What affect did it have on you? Is what I am going through normal until my body gets adjusted to the melatonin?

I am concerned as I don't want to be in a worse position than I was before taking these tablets.

Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

s x

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  • Hi I suggest you speak to your doctor about the side effects if they are troubling you this way.

    I have not heard of melatonin for fibro as it is usually amitriptyline which is usually prescribed for sleep.

    May be another member will be able to help you further.

  • Hi sandy I haven't been on your meds I been on all different meds I know take gabapentin zapain diclofenac nefopam and diazepan to help sleep which gives me 3to 4hours. Sleep before these I was lucky. To get 30 mins a night I was same falling sleeping any where it's awful like to day feel like been run over buy a bus and won't to sleep all day I could sit n cry hope u get your meds sorted soon xx

  • Hi Sandy247 I'm sorry you are having such dreadful sleeping problems. I'm afraid fatigue is one the worst symptom for some ppl with Fibro. Melatonin is usually prescribed for chronic insomnia and as bluebell99 says, it's not one that is widely used for Fibro, as far as I know.

    Have you tried amitriptyline ?

    Peace, luv n light

    Jan x

  • The melatonin doesn't seem to be doing what you want it to do. There are other drugs to try such as Tranxene/clorazepate, Elavil/amitriptyline and Seroquel/quetiapine that help you sleep much longer than 2 hours. These are stronger drugs than the melatonin but they get the job done. You may want to consider one of these.

  • Melatonin isn't strictly a drug it's a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in our brain, you can buy supplements over the counter so it isn't that strong, have a chat with your Dr about having something different , good luck

  • I agree with the other posts. You should be on something stronger that works better for your condition. I would go back to your G.P. - I'm surprised he didn't prescribe you proper drugs for fibro that helps with the sleep deprivation we have ... (in fact, no I'm not) lol. Send him the GP pack from FMA UK - to help him better understand Fibro

    Hope you get it sorted + get some well deserved Zzzeds!

  • Agree with others see your GP. Amytriptoline worked a treat to help me sleep properly.

  • Hi Sandy,

    My daughter has CFS and she is 15. She has just started Melatonin and it has helped immensely. She now gets the sleep she needs and is much better. She is also on Gabapentin for her sore joints and she feels such a difference.

    As for the Melatonin she takes it half an hour before bed and then she managed to sleep all through the night.

    Good luck .

    Jane x🌺🌷

  • Hi Sandy247

    I am so truly sorry to read this and I have pasted an excerpt from the *WebMD cache on side effects below:

    *Melatonin is POSSIBLY SAFE when used by mouth appropriately, long-term. Melatonin has been used safely for up to 2 years in some people. However, it can cause some side effects including headache, short-term feelings of depression, daytime sleepiness, dizziness, stomach cramps, and irritability.

    If this continues or gets any worse I would definitely talk to your doctor about it my friend. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I have a similar problem when my morphine wears off and havent managed more than 3 hours max in 2 years now. I am trying super concentrated cherry juice as it was recommended as loaded with melatonin, im not sure if it will work because my problem is not galling asleep it is staying asleep. On day 3 of the cherry now but no noticeable difference. I will try it for 2 weeks anyway. If it works i will be posting here immediately.


  • Hi there! I'm 47, 146 lbs and take three mg of melatonin every night without fail. It has helped tremendously with the insomnia related to the fibro. In the US it's used often and is technically considered a hormone rather than medication. Of course it doesn't work for everyone but you have to play around with the dosage a little bit. Best of luck from the other side of the 'pond'. :)

  • Hi there my daughter is on melatonin as she also has the cf sometimes she wants to sleep for hours sometimes she can't sleep at all she is also on amatripline it does help

  • Hi Sandy247 , I no longer take it my gp changed it but like all others amitriptyline always worked well for me. I miss my good sleep.Best wishes. Peck.🐤

  • Thank you everybody for your extermely helpful replies. The main problem I have is that I cannot take amiltriptyline, even the smallest amount has horrendous affects on me.

    The concensus of opinion is to see my GP again which I am definitely going to do.

    Thanks again for all of your suggestions. It is really appreciated.


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