to gp or not gp

to gp or not gp

have an appointment at private clinic in august and gp appointment the day so much pain this weekend almost phoned 999 last night as choking and not get breath.pelvic pain chronic from time got up and disabling neck so tight cant swallow.i know a lot of people dismiss dogs sensing illness in their owners but mine have been so "down "today -both looking very "mopey " and lying with sad concerned eyes and their head s on their paws.i believe they do and that's why mine are like this .should I go to gp and if so what should I say-how can I put it to him that I am in such pain with pelvis and neck and get him to take me seriously without him getting angry at me .advice please

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  • Hi anbuma

    I think all you can do is say that you are in too much pain and it needs to be addressed? There really isn't much more that you can say?

    I also want to wish you the best of luck with your private doctor appointment. I hope it goes well for you/

    Take care

    Ken x

  • private consultation cant come quick enough .just hope they can tell me what the problem is .they discovered gallstones 2 years ago my gp never .

  • My none human companion always knew how I was feeling and when I needed help. Choking is serious, I know we worry about calling wolf and only you know how you were feeling but i think I might have dialled 999.

  • A gp shouldn't get angry tell him how much pain your in and if he doesn't listen get second opion or maybe change doctors

  • he said at one recent appointment he got angry cos something I said .he s made me angry in the past cos don't accept what I tell him and some of what he has said is unacceptable.will try and get an appointment tomorrow

  • Try and get another doctor if I were you.

  • Hasn't your GP given you anything to keep the pain at bay , won't they see you as a emergency ? Hope you get some help my boys are good with me when I was really bad back in February and March they took it in turns to cuddle up to me I would be lost with out them take care x

  • I am only on paracetemol.was on naproxen for a while btu hospital said(at endoscopy)said to stop them as upsetting stomach.they are in group of NSAIDS which I cannot tolerate.its impossible to get thru on a monday morning as everyone is doing the same and by the time you do appointments are gone.otehr than pain relief heat pads help a bit.annie was curled up on my feet tonight and is now on my bed waiting for me to go to bed.

  • Morning hope your ok and get some help today, I am new to this, reading gins post ,myself she's really good on the advise it's always straight forward so if it was me reading all the advise given I tend to stick with gins good luck today x

  • Anbuma, I found the same problem with my doctors when I moved here, and played total hell with them, as they should have available bookable appointments, and advance bookable ones for when people ring up, and book in to suit their needs, and I went to the practise manager to complain, at the system, as it is not working for the patients, and I cannot get up early and start trying to get through at an impossible time of day, and having to keep on trying is out of the question. I have since found available appointments for advance booking a much easier thing to do.

    Remind them that they have to run the practice for the convenience of the patients and not the reception staff, as the patients are the ones who need to be able to ring when it is convenient to them, and not at impossible times.

    Have tried to get access to the pracise booking ssystem, which can be given to you, if they have the system that can be accessed from an external source. Let us know hoe things go, ttfn

  • Hi did you ring the out of hours service yesterday and if so what did they say? What date in August is your appointment and what medicines are you using at the moment?

    Some times it is neccessary to rideout the pain I know it is difficult perhap more so when you are on your own.

    Now you will know if you need the docotor befor your next appointment so you must think hard and if you feel some good will come then ting the surgery.

    If however you feel dreadful and yourpain score is very high go to A&E.

    Good luck


  • Hi Gins the private consultationis on 12th august in Edinburgh and my gp the day after.i am on citalopram nifedipine amitriptyline paracetemol omeprazole.only been back on amitriptyline fro a few weeks cos they thought imipramine may be causing symptoms(?).not sure about taking omeprazole.A&E dr said to stop taking them,gp prescribed lansprazole instead then after endoscopy a gp prescribed omeprazole I asked my own gp if I should be on them as previously advised to stop.didnt get an answer other than just take them.

    I walked my dogs into town and waited at the surgery fro them to open just because I was there at the time however their computers were down and htye couldn't book any apointments .they have just rang me to say I have an appointment at 4.10 with the female gp not my own-who I have seen on a few occasions.

  • Hi again, a specialist many years ago told me that fibro can cause terrible pain in the pelvic area, also your neck could be fibro and the anxiety of the pain could cause the cant swallow and breath properly. wishing you well.

  • thanks denvajade.i have been so many possible reasons fro my pains and symptoms by yourself and others and it must be cos your gps/consultants have told you these things.why is it that mine don't?fibro is muscles -it doesn't affect the skin or bones??skin rashes/ conditions are signs of something else.all mine have got much worse since my gallbladder op and have had some signs a lot longer-nigh on 2 years

  • thanks for your reply, with the gallbladder thing did you ask doctor about sphincter of oddi?

  • hi I think I did cos a hospital dr mentioned about the sphincter muscle but as usual it got no response.will research it again for when i next see him,i did ask him about bile and enzymes following gallbladder removal -nowhere there either.i don't know why he just doesn't refer me to people who do know about the things gps don't instead of saying things like "I cant feel anything" or "I don't know what it is"and not cceptign /dismissing what I tell him.should get results of urine test done last week.

  • Hi again, a specialist many years ago told me that fibro can cause terrible pain in the pelvic area, also your neck could be fibro and the anxiety of the pain could cause the cant swallow and breath properly. wishing you well.

  • oh by the way I didnt say in my original post that the choking fit was in the middle of the night.have had a few where food has gone down the wrong way btu never for " no reason"

  • soooo frustrating for you with the doctors! 20months later i am still puuuuuuuuuuuuushing for treatment. i wonder if the coughing and chocking is like I get? had it last night, could it be bile reflux? I dont know but wishing you well.

  • saw gp today re another urine infection and she said can i feel your stomach.lay on the bed and told her it has got bigger/more swollen.she said do you know that.yes cos my trousers hang below my stomach and my top rides up.measured it tonight -1.5" more.scaring me now .dr s getting me to lie down don't feel the same as I feel my stomach-rock hard .they dotn get true feeling.why don't they use tape measures not scales -scales dotn show where weight is gained/loss and thye insist on NOT taking my word .

  • Hi there I know exactly what you mean, my trousers hang under my stomach and I am small everywhere else. Can you go to your MP? Have you done a cleanse yet with garlic and parsley tablets and probiotics?

  • Hi I have contacted my MP and am waiting to hear from him.a gentle reminder maybe needed.not yet I went to the health shop and couldn't remember the name of will have to wait til i next go into town.

  • good on you! do as much as you can to be kind to yourself, lots of rest, eat good food and drinks and find little pleasures in life, like your dogs because none of us know what tomorrow will bring. take care.

  • just purchased some from amazon.

  • great x

  • he wont refer me to any specialists/consultants.had skin rashes swellings fro 2-3 years -no diagnosis cos they don't accept what I tell them or fail to give me the opportunity to tell them thye are more lupus symtpoms

  • my nearest A&E is 60miles away.local hospital is now only minor injuries and if do go there they often have referred to a gp.i have just seen a dentist so know its not a dental problem.will say about the choking fit too and askif I can have an uss on my neck.

  • you need to get a second opinion. x

  • seeing a private gynae on 12th august.know it will soon come round but cant come soon enough

  • Geez sweetheart, I believe I'd go to both. Please let us know how it goes. Hoping you get the help you need. Hope it's a pain clinic that you are visiting. xxx Mitzi

  • if I wake up choking again and cant get my breath then will dial 999.i have never been referred to pain clinic,even tho I cant tolerate Nsaids I am on paracetemol which do nothing gp hasn't /wont prescribe anything else.when I had my endoscopy the dr said stop taking naproxen cos they make things worse but gp wouldn't prescribe anything else.

    just had a wash (cant get in bath to shower)and noticed legs even more swollen.all swelligns have been pointed out to gp btu he doesn't consider them a problem.includes face neck legs(calves/lower legs) .-signs of lupus?

  • I'd see another doctor and go to a pain clinic. I am allergic to anti inflammatories too. I take Opana ER and now my life and pain are bearable. I hope this may help you sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

  • what is Opana ER?is it from health shop?backto drs this afternoon,no tolerate this pelvic pain any more -must be a cause-to do with op when I ahd tape fitted?pain is in the bone and spreading to groin and surrounding area..,need some pain relief.

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