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Hi everyone just to let you all know I had my brown envelope on Saturday morning waiting for me, was dreading opening it! But hayho I`ve been put into the Support Group! My forms were only sent 11days before. They are going to review me again in 2014 so this proves you are not in a Support Group for ever! My question is now they have sent my decision through is it possible that they could still turn up to assess me? Many thanks to FibroAction for all your help without you I would have broken down before now. Peeps keep fighting and dont give up?? Now going to redo a application for DLA. Also peeps make a appointment to go and see your MP he or she can help. Hugs to all Ann xxx

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Hi Ann,

Yay for you - I am soooo pleased - I am awaiting the dreaded envelope and have been a total wreck for weeks. The stress has resulted in a mega flare (as so many ppl are experiencing too) - I wish these people making us go through all this could just live in our shoes for a couple of days, then maybe, just maybe, they would have a whole different perspective of the situation !!

Good luck with the DLA - I am lucky enough to have had that granted, but I am not complacent and am well aware that whatever ATOS comes up with may well have a knock on effect there.

Enjoy the sunshine and I'm just so pleased for you.

muchly Dottii x


I was placed in the support group in may after asking for a reconcideration for the second time, 3 weeks later I got a esa50 form to fill out, I rang them an they told me I was due my review in july so i had to fill it in, the whole thing just stinks, I can see what is gonna happen a mile off, I will be put back into the wrag group and then I will av to start my fight all over again............ im glad you got your support group ann, and hopefully they will leave you alone now until 2014, but just wanted to share what has happened to me, I am now waiting to see if i stay in the support group or if they put me back in wrag!!!! Gentle hugs Hilly xx


11 Days? Wow I am still waiting on my appeal from way back in Feb/Mar time.......what on earth is going on? Also still waiting on DLA too.



So pleased for you I had my medical 6 weeks ago still not heard. xx


Thanks Dottii. Yes its so hard it was making me feel so ill, the flare I had must have been going for 6weeks! Yes and why are we treated like S..T all the time? Hilly had they given you a review date? Nanatre it wasnt an appeal just refilling my ES50 for Atos, I thought I would be waiting for weeks, but then again I had been to see my MP last Thursday about my new form going in and two appeals for ESA and one for DLA! Did think I would get called for a medical though!! xx


Hi Ann, I have thought a lot about why they are treating us like s**t - part of it, I think is possibly to do with the fact that so many of us appear outwardly ok, that having been said I've heard of people who are profoundly disabled but have still been found "suitable for work". There is no rhyme nor reason for this craziness. I loathed the last government and all they did to the economy, but hey, why has a person I thought quite sane gone off the rails and targeted the most vulnerable in society in this most horrendous way? I think we can all question the decision making of this government now, what with the debacle of appointing G4N (i think that's the one - the so called security for the games) ending up with the mess last week and also appointing ATOS, who seem to be brain dead in their approach to sorting out the wheat from the chaff - yes there are some people who play the system, and they should, quite rightly, be sent off to work (that is if there are the jobs, but thats a whole other issue, so don't get me going on that - ha ha) but to treat genuine people like us the way they have been and continue to do, is I think an infringement of human rights. I am getting in touch with both my MP and MEP, as I thinks many others are doing, to try and get someone, somewhere, to look at this complete farce !!

Eeeek sorry for that ramble, it all just spurted out... :-) muchly Dottii x


Congratulations Ann, a good result for once and so quick. x

Dotti I agree with every word haven't contacted my MP but he wasn't much help when I contacted him over another issue x


Thanks all for the comments. Everyone make an appointment to see your MP, make yourselves heard then maybe something will be done to stop this awful stress we have to go through just trying to get money to live on, and for peeps who are fit and well to understand WE ARE ILL and accept it!! My rant over too :) x


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