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Hi, I just wanted to share my good news. I found out last week that I've put in the Support Group without a medical. I was soo relieved I can't tell you, especially because I'd heard bad things about fibro. It isn't my only condition so it could have been the other things that helped too. I used the guides from Benefits&Work as well as the ones on MyLegal. They are definitely worth using. My GP also wrote a good supporting letter. I hope this is encouragement to others. I have heard of more people getting into the Support Group lately compared with last year.

Best of luck to all going through all this.


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  • well done kirby! that's great news :)

    I'm glad the guides helped, I used them too.


  • Could someone advise me who I can ask to help me fill out my ESA form with me as I feel that some of the Questions are trick ones like the DLA form!! I would be really grateful. Thanks Aisha x

  • what a relief :) benefits&work helped for me a couple of years ago during my appeal/tribunal their advise was invaluable.

  • Well done -:) I have just sent my form off today with a supporting letter from my GP so hope I don't need a medical and the same happens for me . Xxx

  • Good luck with that, Suz. xxx

  • Many thanks, Sandra and Greeny :-)


  • Well done x

  • Thanks Mo xx

  • well done. I'm still waiting to hear how I've got on with them. Though as my asthma has got worse and I've got a new illness I'm expecting to be called in for a medical.

    (((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))) and well done to you. Lets hope many more people with fibro gets though

  • Many thanks, Yvonne. I really do hope you get in the SG too. Keep us posted. Fingers & everything crossed for you.

    K xx

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