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I received a letter on the weekend to say that after almost 2 years I have been transferred from the WRAG Group to the Support Group for ESA allowance. This was welcome news for me as the fight has been tough at times so I would encourage all of you out there going through the same thing not to give up and keep fighting. My last questionnaire took me hours to complete as I didnt want to miss anything out but it was worth it in the end.

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Woo good news for you today pleased you have got what you want in the end. love to all Diddle x


Just sent you a message. Well done, it just goes to show that it's worth it to keep fighting!


hi there Ang01 im also in ESA support group but does it mean that you have to go to a support group because iv not heard anything since and its been 13 months now!!

sorry if its a stupid question but i dont understand.

Glad everything worked out for you xx


Hi there, I think it means that in the support group you are not required to take part in work related interviews although you can if you want to. You can also do voluntary work subject to their conditions without being penalised. Not sure if you can be called for future medicals though but if you do I dont think it is very often.

There is a group on the net called benefits and work which I have joined for a small fee and they have lots of information on the website which I find helpful for answering questions. Not sure if you have heard of them.

Thanks for your good wishes too x


Hi ang01 they send a letter every 12 months just to let them know if anything has changed with your health, i have seen that site it looks very helpful, thanks for the info.

takecare xx


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