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Put in the support group yipppeeeee

Hi all, well I've done it and got put in the support group.

I filled my form out back in the beginning of November and my wife put down on blank paper for the first question of what your illness is and your disability and by the time I've finished we had done seven pages of A4 double sided just to answer it, my wife spent a few days and condensed it down to two double sided pages and that went for all the questions.

I asked my phyiso for a report but he wouldn't has they have to be requested and paid for so I thought that's it, it's going to be either medical or zero points going off the horror stories on here.

Sent copy of meds in and crossed my fingers and sent it recorded delivery for 5th December and telephoned to make sure it got there to which it had.

So now sharing my good news that I got in with out interview or medical , but it still saddens me that so many don't when they should so let's keep fighting and don't give up .

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Nice one... Nice to hear something good

VG x


so pleased for you x


Well done and congratulations!

I have the daunting task of filling in the ESA form but I am going to get a representative from an advice centre to do it for me.

I have an appt. with my GP on Monday, which I am anxious about, although he is supportive but I always feel like I am being a nuisance so I hardly ever go to the Dr. However I thought I ought to check in with him in view of the impending questionnaire as someone may write to him or phone him.

I'll let you know how I get on.

Love and hugs Saskia XX


well done, so pleased for you x


well done!! i got put in the same group after sending in my form,the panic and anxiety it caused was unbelieveable( as most of you on here have felt). I just couldnt believe it i think i was in shock for a while.I even rang the dss to confirm it..The only worry i have is that they didnt say how long the award lasted for and im expecting them to say i will have to go for a medical.( does anyone know how long the esa awards last for)..Now im waiting for my dla appeal date which is terrifying, the longer its taken the worse it is. im dreading the appeal itself. I dont think that i will get it , but i cant give up now as i genuinely think that i am entitled to it. well enough from me, i am so glad that you got the support group....xx


Yes well done, that man and his wife! But isn't it diabolical that such a time-consuming, depressing and nerve-wracking ordeal has to been endured when already suffering.

With regard to the length of ESA awards, I remember when I went for my one and only interview at Jobcentreplus, I was told that my condition (3 hip replacements, multiple arthritic joints, chronic lower back pain on top of fibromyalgia) was being taken seriously, and the fibro was specifically mentioned, as I wouldn't be reviewed for two years, the usual being one. The interviewer also asked me if I felt I should be in the support group and I said well I'm getting worse, not better and when I finally had to give up work (PA, financial admin, clerical), I'd tried everything including doing accounts from home but it was all too much and impossible to sustain.


Well done, so pleased for you! :) xxx


Forgot to mention peeps , I telephoned them to ask how long the award was for and was told that its an indefinite award but could be called anytime.

Which means I might not have to worry every 12 mths but knowing this government who knows.


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